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40 Baby Names That Mean Moon

Because your love for your baby is out of this world.

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Whether you’re really into astronomy, astrology, or just like baby names with a touch of romance and drama, why not consider names that mean moon for your little one? There are so many beautiful, whimsical, and unique names that mean moon, and since you already know that your baby is going to be a force of nature, they should have a fabulous name to match. Why not make it lunar? (And don’t worry — Luna may be a top girls’ name, but it’s not the only baby name that means “moon.”)

Show you love them to the moon and back with these 40 celestial baby names:

Girl Names That Mean Moon

Girl names that mean moon aren’t terribly hard to come by because for thousands of years, throughout many cultures around the world, women and the moon have been associated with one another. Moon deities were often (though not always) female, which many scholars attribute to the fact that societies connected lunar cycles to women’s menstrual cycles. This list includes names that mean moon, the names of several moon goddesses, and also the names of moons in our solar system (fun fact, they tend to be named after figures from Greek mythology and Shakespeare).

  • Luna (Latin)
  • Selene (Greek)
  • Artemis (Greek)
  • Tsuki (Japanese)
  • Cynthia (Greek)
  • Aruna (Japanese)
  • Esmeray (Turkish)
  • Lusineh (Armenian)
  • Sasi (Thai)
  • Channary (Cambodian)
  • Livana (Hebrew)
  • Miray (Turkish)
  • Neoma (Greek)
  • Marama (Maōri)
  • Runa (Japanese)
  • Chandra (Hindi)
  • Io (Greek)
  • Kamari (Arabic)
  • Tatiana (Russian)
  • Diana (Latin)

Boy Names That Mean Moon

These boy names that mean moon are full of wonder and a sense of emotion and power. These names have meanings that include not just moon but some sort of description, like “crescent moon” and “fire moon.” The list also includes the names of moons throughout the solar system. And remember how moon deities tend to be female? Don’t worry: there are plenty of moon gods out there, too.

  • Ainar (Kazakh)
  • Máni (Old Norse)
  • Luan (Portugese)
  • Dawa (Tibetan)
  • Aydemir (Turkish)
  • Annigan (Inuit)
  • Badar (Arabic)
  • Stephano (Italian)
  • Vikesh (Sanskrit)
  • Puck (Irish)
  • Ehaan (Urdu)
  • Oberon (Old German)
  • Dal (Korean)
  • Phobos (Greek)
  • Koray (Turkish)
  • Tethys (Greek)
  • Rakesh (Sanskrit)
  • Skathi (Old Norse)
  • Hilal (Arabic)
  • Ariel (Hebrew)
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And if you truly love the moon and have a lot of feels about that big orb in the sky, just remember, you could also always go with a great, gender-neutral standby: Moon.

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