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15 Baby Names That Are Like Oliver But More Under-The-Radar

There are many alternatives to one of 2020's most popular baby names.

by Lindsay E. Mack
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So you're in love with the name Oliver, but there's some reason it isn't the perfect fit for your own baby. Maybe a close family member already has the name, or your partner has a severe aversion to olives. Whatever the case, there's plenty of baby names if you like the trendy name Oliver that are similar in sound or meaning.

The cool thing about this name is the many ways you can use it for inspiration. One of the most popular boys' names for 2020, (it was officially the third most popular registered baby boy name in 2019 per The Social Security Administration, the name Oliver is enjoying a resurgence across the United States. In literary and popular culture, the name appears everywhere. There's the famous hero from the Charles Dickens novel Oliver Twist, as well as the story's many film adaptations. Celebs such as Ginnifer Goodwin and Julie Bowen have children named Oliver as well. The name is derived from the word for olive tree, which is a symbol of peace, so for similar names, you can look to words for peace and nature for inspiration. (Beautiful, right?) There's plenty of names with a similar sound or meaning from a whole variety of languages that are perfect baby names if you like Oliver.



The name Oliver conjures up images of olive trees, so why not turn to other trees for inspiration? The name Ash references the beautiful flowering trees.



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Meaning "rival," the name Emilio is another popular choice, per Nameberry. A musical variation is Emiliano.



Do you like the length of the name Oliver? Meaning "peaceful ruler," as noted in Living For The Sunshine, the name Frederick is another three-syllable name that has the same cadence as Oliver.



Consider the meaning behind the name Oliver, which comes from a Latin word for a person who plants olive trees. On a similar note, the name George comes from a Greek word for farmer, according to She Knows. It has a similar natural vibe.



A Japanese name meaning "beautiful peace," Kazumi is another beautiful option, according to Mabel + Moxie. It's a pleasant-sounding name to say aloud as well.



If you like the emphasis of the L in Oliver, consider this one. Lars is derived from a Scandinavia and means "crowned with laurel," per Nameberry.



Another top 10 baby name in 2019 per the Social Security Administration is Lucas, the Latin form of Luke. It's also just a cool-sounding moniker for any kid.



If you like the way Oliver sounds, then the Dutch name Olaf is a similar choice, according to Behind the Name. It's also the name of the delightful snowman character from Disney's Frozen films.



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This is an ideal choice if you want a little literary inspiration. As the name of a character in William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, Olivia is a gorgeous name.



Fans of the Harry Potter series will recognize this name from the most well-regarded wand maker in the world. Some believe the name Ollivander means "olive wand", according to Baby Name Wizard.



Want a name that starts with the letter O? Why not Oscar, which means "champion warrior," according to Nameberry.



Maybe you like the name Oliver because it has peaceful connotations (like extending an olive branch). In this case, the name Paxton means "peace town", per Nameberry.



Meaning "good news," Vangelo is Greek origin per The Bump, and who wouldn't want their child's name to have a positive connotation?



Do you like the natural feeling of the name Oliver? Wilder is another name that conjures up images of the great outdoors.



Meaning peace, the name Xolani has similar associations to Oliver, according to Baby Names Direct. Plus, it's simply a beautiful-sounding name.

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