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16 Beautiful, Honest, & Raw Birth Photos

Every delivery is unique.

"My mama client is working through a rather intense contraction as her midwife listens to her baby's heartbeat. Behind her, you can see her doula assisting her through the wave." — Colby Tulachanh Photographer, The House of Wild
"Peace and support of laboring mama during uncertain pandemic times, while midwife calmly watches from the background." — Paulina of Paulina Splechta Birth Photography & Films, South Florida
"Following a long labor, relief and gratitude in mamas finally meeting their healthy baby boy. " — Paulina of Paulina Splechta Birth Photography & Films, South Florida
"Erin is half squatting/kneeling through her contractions with the support of her hospital bed. Ask the nurses to help you set this up, some beds also have squatting bars. Movement is everything during labor! "— Katherine of Katherine Marivelle Photography
"Mom labors peacefully in the candlelit shadows of her shower with such strength and beauty." — Brittany of Brittany Gamblin Photography
A hypnobirther delivers her second child. Ashley Grimes Photography
"This was her second home birth and it was impressive to watch how in control she was throughout her labor! She had her midwife's guidance but she listened to her body and welcomed her son on her terms." — Dusti Smith Stoneman ofThe Art of Birth
Two dads meet their baby, delivered by a surrogate with support from her partner.Ashley Grimes Photography
"Mom Jessica enjoying some skin-to-skin time with her new baby girl after an incredible water birth in a pool in her bedroom." — Candice of Candice Tkachuk Photography

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