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40 Fairy Names For Your Magical Baby

Our favorite names inspired by the fair folk.

Whether you love fairy tales and mythology or you just want to give your child a name with an extra touch of whimsy, fairy names are a great avenue to explore and, believe it or not, you have a ton of really great options from around the world. Here are 40 of our favorites fairy names for girls and boys.

Fairy names for girls

  • Fay: This French name literally means “fairy.” In related Celtic languages, it is spelled “fae.”
  • Titania: In A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Titania is the discontented queen of the fairies who is in a fight with her husband after she adopts a human boy.
  • Alvina: This Old English name has the cutest meaning in the world – “elf friend.” It can also be styled Elvina.
  • Morgan: In Authurian legend, Morgan LeFay was the Briton king’s witchy elder sister. The name means “seaborn.”
  • Fata: In both Latin and Italian, this name means “fairy.” It’s not traditionally a given name but, like, why shouldn’t it be?
  • Áine: Like many Irish names, this one might not be intuitively pronounced by those who don’t speak Irish, but it’s a pretty simple one once you know: OHN-ya. It is the name of the Queen of the Fairies in Irish mythology.
  • Flora: This name, which means “flowers” is the name of one of the three fairy godmothers in Disney’ Sleeping Beauty. (Merryweather is our favorite, but it’s not a great name, so we’ll settle for Flora, which is lovely.)
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  • Marigold: Nowadays we associate fairies with goodness and granting wishes, but that was not always the case – throughout many cultures and much of histories fairies could be mischievious or downright evil. Marigold is said to be a potent protection against the evil creatures.
  • Elida: This name, possibly of Mexican origin, means “small winged one.”
  • Naida: This Greek girls name means “nymph.” While nymphs are technically goddesses, we think of them today as being more in line with our idea of fairies.
  • Pixie: This modern fairy name is pretty self explanatory, we think...
  • Aziza: The Aziza are good fairies from various African tradition are kindly and beautiful winged nature spirits.
  • Tien: This lovely Vietnamese name literally means “fairy.” “Tien” is often found as part of place names throughout the country and is associated with fairies.
  • Eurydice: In Greeky mythology, Eurydice was a dryad — a tree nymph — whose husband Orpheus ventured to the Underworld to (unsuccessfully) free her from Hades.
  • Shayla: This Gaelic baby name means “from the fairy place” and comes from the word “shee,” meaning “fairy.”
  • Echo: Echo was a oread or mountain nymph, who was so chatty she was cursed by the gods to only repeat what other people said (which is why you sometimes hear your echo in mountainous places).
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  • Oona: The fairy queen of western Ireland, Oona was hailed as a golden-haired goddess of love and beauty and protector of animals.
  • Parisa: This sweet Persian name translates to “like a fairy.”
  • Clover: Remember when we said marigold can be used to protect against wicked fairies? So can clover (and we love the nickname “Clove” for this).
  • Nuala: This name means “fair shouldered” and is another name used for the fairy Queen Oona. It is pronounced NEW-luh.

Fairy names for boys

  • Oberon: In A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Oberon is the manipulative (but ultimately benevolent) king of the fairies.
  • Tam: Tam Lin is a classic Scottish tale of a man saved by his beloved from the halls of the fairy queen. Tamlane and Tamlin are variations on this fairy name.
  • Alvin: No, not the chipmunk. Alvin is an Old English name meaning “fairy friend.” (How cute is that?)
  • Alfred: A related Engish name, this one means “elf counsel.”
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  • Robin: This is the third name on our list to come from Midsummer Night’s Dream. Robin Goodfellow is Oberon’s helper who jaunts through the forrest making people fall in love.
  • Puck: AKA Robin Goodfellow’s nickname AKA the name you most commonly associate with the character. This will also be the last name from Dream on the list because the other fairies are named Cobweb, Peaseblossom, Moth, and Mustardseed.
  • Hawthorn: In Irish folklore, the entrance to the fairy kingdom is said to exist near the roots of a hawthorn tree, which is also called a fairy tree.
  • Oisín: Pronounced “oh-SHEEN,” this name has the root word for fairy (“shee”) built in, but also holds a special place in Irish folklore; Oisin was the son of the legendary Finn McCool, a hero with dealings in the fairy realm, and a goddess.
  • Fionnbharr: Pronounced “fin-bar,” this Irish name means “fair haired” and is bestowed upon the King of the Fairies on the west of the island. (And who doesn’t love Finn as a nickname?)
  • Ash: Marigold. Clover. And go ahead and name Ash to the list of plants that can protect against fairies (and makes a great baby name).
  • Alvar: This Finnish name means “elf warrior” and it’s giving Lord of the Rings for sure. Speaking of which...
  • Celeborn: This elven king of Lothlorien in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and we’re absolutely counting it as a fairy name for boys. And because Tolkein was a huge nerd who invented languages for his world, we know Celeborn means “silver and tall.”
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  • Yumbo: The Yumboes are fairy-like creatures in the mythology of the Wolof people of Senegal according to the only written source we have on them, Thomas Keightly’s 1828 The Fairy Mythology. It’s not usually given as a name but why shouldn’t it be?
  • Perry: In Persian mythology, the peri are benvolent, fairy folk, making Perry a great homage to these magical creatures.
  • Ariel: We promised no more Midsummer Night’s Dream references, but we do have this one from The Tempest, in which Ariel was Prospero’s helper fairy.
  • Rowan: Yet another plant that can protect you and yours from the fair folk. Rowan means “red haired” and comes from the British Isles.
  • Pan: While Pan is a nature god in Ancient Greek and Roman mythology, he has become associated with fairies more recently... as in the past few hundred years. See also Peter Pan — his name means “sheperd.”
  • Cosmo: Did we pick this name because he’s one of the two fairies from Fairly Oddparents? Yes, and we regret nothing. The name itself is the Anglicianized version of the Italian Cosimo and means “order, decency, and beauty.”
  • Glen: Fairies are associated with nature and are often said to live in glens. In fact, on the Isle of Skye in Scotland, there is is an “otherwordly” place called the Fairy Glen.
  • Perrault: Pronounced “per-OH,” this name belongs to the author of classic French fairy tales like Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, and Sleeping Beauty, Charles Perrault.
  • Avery: This truly excellent name is not only effortlesslt cool but has a great meaning: “ruler of the elves.”

Have fun naming your magical child.