Frida Mom's New C-Section Kit Has The One Thing Most People Don't Think Of

Mesh undies are only the beginning.

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If you’ve ever sucked snot out of your baby’s nose through a plastic tube, then you’re already familiar with the beloved brand Frida. In addition to handy baby products, Frida also offers products for moms and moms-to-be including witch hazel pads, nursing pillows, breast care and so much more. And now, Frida Mom is expanding their offerings with their latest launch of C-section products for a more comfortable recovery. The products include a C-section recovery band ($39.99), postpartum abdominal support binder ($34.99) and C-section silicone scar patches ($29.99).

You could buy these things individually, but they do add up, and realistically you’ll probably want them all anyway. Instead, you could opt for the Frida Mom C-Section Recovery Kit, which is a better deal because it includes the abdominal support binder, 10 “Skip the Shower” wipes to keep you fresh, four pairs of comfy mesh C-section disposable underwear (don’t forget to load up on these in the hospital), an upside-down peri bottle, and four silicone scar patches. Many women feel concerned about how visible their C-section scar will be (though it’s typically so low that it’s not very noticeable) and the Frida Mom silicone scar patches are dermatologist recommended, and they can be worn for seven days to help the healing process, which is one less thing to think about each day. The kit also includes a bathroom essentials bag and grip socks; the only thing not included is the recovery band.

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When you consider that cesareans are the most common surgery in the USA, with over one million people delivering this way each year, the lack of support for C-section delivery is pretty alarming. Frida Mom is looking to bridge this gap and offer support for both planned C-sections and C-sections that come as a surprise. Whether you know you’re having a C-section or you buy one (or a few) of these kits to have around because the law of averages says that around a quarter of your pregnant friends will have a C-section, it’s always a good idea to have these kits on-hand.

These essential products will help you or a friend recover from a C-section a bit more comfortably, and before you know it, you’ll be having to recover from the experience of using the Fridababy Windi (I’ll let you read the reviews to hear how that one works).

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