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17 Baby Names Inspired By The Great British Bake Off

You don’t need to go into the tent for inspiration.

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Whether you want a showstopper of a baby name or are looking for something more classic and traditional like a technical challenge, there is plenty of inspiration to be found in The Great British Bake Off for your own little bun in the oven.


Ginger is a very popular spice in English baking, and I specifically think about ginger snap biscuits every time I watch The Great British Bake Off. You don’t have to have a redhead to use this name either! Ginger is sweet, spicy, and a whole lot of fun.


OK, maybe this feels a little too unique, but just say it out loud a few times. Custard. Rich, flavorful, takes time to get it right — I kind of love it. Maybe don’t even waste it on a baby. The more I think about it, the more I think Custard is the perfect cat name.

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OK, fine. In honor of Paul Hollywood and his infamous handshake, there is also this baby name inspired by The Great British Bake Off. The name Paul actually means “small” but that’s not always a bad thing. It’s a very classic British name with traditional roots, too.


Marzipan is a very traditional English dessert and I’m here to say that it can absolutely be a baby name. Marzipan as a candy is simple and delightful, so take all that energy to your baby. Also Marzi as a nickname? Very fun.


Pavlova, that tricky dessert made of meringue and cream and fruit, also sounds very cute as a baby name. Pavlova requires skill, patience, and a whole lot of egg whites. But when she’s ready, she’s ready — an absolute showstopper.

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Briony Williams was on GBBO in 2018, and won the 2019 Christmas special. She’s now a TV presenter, and showed great determination by competing on GBBO with a limb difference. The name Briony also means “to sprout,” so it’s pretty perfect for your own strong babe.


Do you remember these little biscuits? Florentine is a cookie made from nuts, fruit, and cream to become a chewy, thin dessert. They require some love to get right, but are worth it, and I think using Florentine as a baby name is so cute. Plus you can call them Flo!


Does it get more perfect than the baby name Madeleine? Not only is it adorable and classic, but I dream of Rahul’s version of the cookie: chocolate-dipped orange madeleines. And Kim-Joy’s cat version! Madeleines are classic, but versatile. Just like your girl.

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I mean, you knew a nod to the great Mary Berry was coming, right? Mary as a baby name is an ode to the original GBBO judge and celebrity chef Mary Berry who has literally published more than 75 books on cooking. And have you seen her trifle? Perfection.

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Is it too much? OK, it’s too much. But I still think Treacle as some kind of baby name in your life — maybe a puppy? — is worth it. Treacle is just so classically English — used in sponge cakes and tarts and also just drizzled over custard — that you have to love it.


Let’s face it. The baby name Apple has been done. We’re moving onto new fruits, and Lemon is a very popular ingredient in the Great British Bake Off universe. (Do not recommend “curd” as a middle name though.) It’s sweet, it’s tart — it’s representative of babies, honestly.

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I never thought the name Prue or Prudence was cute until GBBO. Name your own little girl after the current darling judge Prue Leith, who is a caterer, a cookbook author, a TV presenter and host, and a novelist. What can’t Prue do? (That’ll be your baby’s motto, too.)


Doesn’t Bread Week just give you the shivers? Pay homage to Paul Hollywood’s week of coveted handshakes and smirks with the name Brioche. It’s a sweet dough that often gives the contestants a little work to get right, but the name is so cute and I love the nickname Bri.

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Ruby Tandoh was a favorite contestant in 2013 on GBBO and is now a food writer with several books, including Cook As You Are, a cookbook of recipes that offer substitutions, tips for sensory issues, and indexes for quick meals. She’s a force and your little Ruby will be, too.


Lavender is one of those herbs that pops up often on GBBO, and also makes for an adorable baby girl name. Lavender shortbread, lavender cakes, lavender cookies — they all sound just as sweet as your own baby Lavender.

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Is anyone more delightful than Noel Fielding? One of the co-hosts of GBBO since 2017, Noel is such a perfectly English name, and definitely gives off a fun, comic vibe thanks to the presenter. Bonus: it’s got a Christmas theme!


Talk about a tricky bake. A roulade is like a Swiss roll, but with meringue, and it can be jazzed up in so many ways. I think they’re just gorgeous no matter what and, honestly, the name Roulade kind of works for me. Ro or Roo as a nickname is so cute.

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