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How 12 Mothers Celebrated Their Scheduled C-Sections

Having a Cesarean? Break out the bubbly. No, really.

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While C-sections are often a surprise, when they are planned, or you have at least a little notice, you get the gift of time: to prepare, logistically and emotionally, but also to celebrate. You’ve grown a whole human, and you get to meet them very soon! Here's how 12 prospective parents chose to live it up in the days and hours leading up to their scheduled C-sections.

My wife and I opened a gorgeous bottle of red and toasted the babies who were going to be ‘unwrapped’ the next morning.

Pia, 38

I took off work a couple of days before my C-Section, relaxed, and prepared for baby's arrival. The day before, I went and got a pedicure and had my toes painted an amazing glittery pink in honor of my baby girl, who was to be born the next day.

Samantha, 37

After I scheduled my surgery for baby two, I had an astrologer make the baby’s chart. Astrology isn’t real, but it was cute.

Meaghan, 37

I was heartbroken when my doctor told me I needed a C-section the next day. My husband tried to cheer me up by getting a room at a fancy hotel near the hospital so we could be there bright and early the next day. Room service and a massive bathtub helped ease the pain.

Claire, 32

My first was an emergency C-section, but when it came time for baby two we had two dates to pick from and we decided to schedule delivery on my mom’s birthday.

Elizabeth, 38

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It was wonderfully convenient to know when my last day of teaching would be so I could say goodbye to the kids. I also got my hair cut!

Rita, 40

Once we had a date, I was able to schedule my sister to come visit to care for my older children. The best stress relief! We also went out to one last fun dinner the night before to celebrate before our family grew one more.

Marie, 41

After crying on my cat for about two hours (he wasn’t going to be an only child anymore!), my partner and I ordered our weight in Indian food. There were no leftovers.

Michelle, 31

I came back to work from my doctor’s appointment right before lunch and told my boss I was going to be going in for a C-section the next day. He immediately scrambled and put together a baby shower for me in a couple hours. It was the best.

Jaime, 32

We went to a movie because we figured it would be the last time we’d get to see one for a while. We were right!

Shannon, 35

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I went out for a ‘last supper’ — nice evening meal, a small glass of wine. Baby made it well known that she too was enjoying our dinner. She was kicking so fiercely, I had to go home. Babies dictate the schedule, even before they arrive.

Kelli, 40

Scheduling a C-section was a huge relief — this giant, looming unknown was gone. The week before birth I did a little something special every day. Lunch with friends, a mani-pedi, dinner with my husband. It was a week of being kind to myself and it was beautiful.

Vickie, 36

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