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Baby names like Scarlett can include Lucy, Stella, and Ruby.
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29 Sweet Baby Names Like Scarlett

If you love this sweet yet fiery moniker, these names may also be up your alley.

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Picking a name for your child sounds like all fun and games... until, of course, you’re actually doing it. Maybe you’re having trouble finding something you and your partner can agree on, or maybe you’re hitting barriers of your own — seriously, who knew how many bad associations you had with names until you had to choose one? If the strong, feminine baby name Scarlett has been nixed from your name list for whatever reason, there are plenty of similar names like Scarlett that can give you the same vibes and meanings.

When I found out I was pregnant with my first baby, I was thrilled. A loud and proud “name nerd,” I was whipping out my carefully curated list of baby names before the pee had even fully dried on my pregnancy test. I couldn’t wait to hear how much my husband adored them all, and secretly I was already referring to the poppyseed-sized embryo in my belly as my top choice name. So when my husband revealed his massive aversion to it, I dejectedly headed back to the drawing board. Luckily, it wasn’t long before we compromised on a name that had all of the qualities I loved, and didn’t make him physically recoil. Win-win!

Whether your partner had an ex named Scarlett or your wonderful, amazing, traitor of a best friend just named her daughter Scarlett, we’ve got you covered with these 29 similar names that are every bit as lovely.



Juliet is an equally fierce name that somehow sounds perfectly dainty yet powerfully bad*ss simultaneously. The English name means youthful or downy, and the Social Security Administration’s most recent data ranks it at #270 in the U.S. Plus, it has an endless amount of adorable nicknames, from Jules to Julie to Lettie and more.



Like Scarlett, Eliza is a fitting and classic name for your independent, determined little one. (I mean, have you seen Hamilton?) The name Eliza means “pledged to god,” and it’s the spunkier and less common diminutive of the sophisticated Elizabeth.



Another two syllable S-name with a Southern vibe, the name Stella has skyrocketed in popularity over the past two decades. Latin for “star,” your Stella will undoubtedly be the biggest star in your sky.



You can’t get much more similar to Scarlett than this gorgeous rhyming name. The regal name that’s proven fit for a princess, Charlotte has been a top 20 name in the U.S. for nearly a decade (and for good reason). The feminine version of the classic name Charles, meaning “free man,” Charlotte is a soft, timeless choice perfect for your own free spirit.



You can’t go wrong with another color name for the child that makes your world colorful. If the rosy Scarlett doesn’t fit the bill, maybe Violet will. Named for the beautiful purple flower, Violet has a similar sound and feel to the name Scarlett. And, if you want to mix it up a bit, try Violeta or Violette.



The name Penelope is having a moment right now, and we’re here for it. Ranked #941 in 2001, according to the Social Security Administration, Baby Center reports that Penelope was sitting pretty at #49 by 2020. An old-fashioned name that manages to feel totally fresh, Penelope also offers adorable nicknames like Penny, Nellie, and Poppy.



If my son had been a daughter, he would’ve been Margot (so you won’t get an unbiased analysis here). A French name meaning “pearl,” Margot, much like Scarlett, is an effortlessly cool name for an effortlessly cool child. Another plus? Even though it’s been rising in popularity in recent years, it has yet to get into the top 200 — so she likely won’t be sharing a name with a classmate.



If you have your heart set on a red name, Ruby is an excellent alternative for Scarlett. A Latin name that means “deep red precious stone,” Ruby is another one of those names that somehow makes sense for a 90-year-old grandma and a 9-week-old baby simultaneously. Bonus points if your little Ruby is born in July and gets a ruby birthstone!



While your daughter will inevitably get asked, “What’s it like in New York City?” it is totally worth it for the name Delilah. Delilah is a Biblical name that means “languishing, lovelorn, or seductive,” and it’s a darling choice that will easily grow with a child from pre-school to adult life. This name gives off major “I’m a kind person, but also don’t mess with me” vibes. Also, Lilah is the cutest nickname.



Gemma is a relatively common name in the U.K., but it only recently got into the top 200 in the U.S. A name of Italian origin that means “precious stone,” Gemma is the perfect balance between being beautifully unique and being unheard of. Like Scarlett, Gemma is both soft and strong.



The slightly less common sister of the extremely popular Ava, Eva packs a powerful punch in three short letters. Eva is a Hebrew name that means “life,” and has a feminine strength that makes it similar to Scarlett. Eva contains a lot of personality in a little package, just like your little one surely will.



A musical alternative to Scarlett, Piper is a name that means “pipe or flute player.” It’s also fitting for the precious child that is about to keep you up at all hours with her own set of pipes! This is a unique choice for a unique little one.



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Whether you use it as a nickname for Lucille or choose it as a standalone name, Lucy is one of those classic choices that you simply cannot go wrong with. Old-fashioned like Scarlett and every bit as timeless, a child named Lucy, which means “light,” will undoubtedly be a ray of sunshine.



Moms that grew up as bookworms might know the name Eloise from the classic children’s books, and what an exuberant and one-of-a-kind character to name your own baby after! Eloise has all of the sophistication of Scarlett, plus a really bad*ss meaning. The French name means “famous warrior,” and it’s bound to inspire your little warrior to always stand her ground.



Whether you spell it Zoe, Zoë, or Zoey, this is a name, like Scarlett, that simply feels powerful and vivacious. A Greek name that means “life,” Zoe is a name that manages to be exciting and different without being totally out there.



Scarlett, though used in every state in the country, will always sound a bit like a Southern belle. The same can be said for Reese — probably thanks to Reese Witherspoon’s precious twang. Reese is a gender neutral name that hasn’t broken into the top 100 yet, and its meaning — “passion, enthusiasm” — makes it even better.



If you’re really set on the red imagery of the name Scarlett, Rose or Rosie is another adorable option. A tribute to the iconic red flower, this is a classic name that, while often used as a middle name, deserves a starring role as a first name. If you’re a fan of longer names, add Rosemary and Rosalie to your list!



Della, an English name that means “of the nobility,” is an uncommon, old-fashioned name that deserves a Scarlett-esque comeback. Similar to wildly popular two-syllable names like Bella, Ava, Mia, and Emma, Della is a more unique alternative that will undoubtedly get your child a lifetime of compliments.



Parents searching for a vintage name similar to Scarlett should have Josephine on their name radar. The feminine version of the classic boy name Joseph, Josephine is a sophisticated name that will easily grow up with your child. Plus, it lends itself to plenty of fabulous nicknames, from Jojo to Josie to Effy.



Many parents may think of the starring Gossip Girl character when they hear the name Blair... but is that a bad thing? The one-syllable Scottish name that means “dweller on the plain” feels as elevated and on-trend as Scarlett, and parents seeking a less common name will love that it’s nowhere near the top 100, according to the Social Security Administration.



The ideal name for your squishy little peach, the name Georgia is reminiscent of Scarlett in its southern feel. The name means “farmer,” which may be why it personally brings to mind a barefoot child happily running around outside.



If you want a Scarlett-alternative that still ends with a T, consider Harriet. Another old-fashioned option, Harriet means “home ruler” — and has there ever been a better description for a new baby? Nicknames for Harriet include Hattie and Ettie, which up the cute factor even more.



Vivien is another fiery name like Scarlett that also has a bit of a southern vibe if you’re into that kind of thing. I love Viv and Vivi as nicknames for Vivien, which means “life.” You can also spell it as Vivian if you prefer.



Crimson is a pretty literal choice for a name that goes along with a red vibe, but I think it could be super cute. Especially if your baby turns out to be a Christmas baby.



If the southern vibe of Scarlett is what you like, try Savannah, a sweet name that gives homage to one of the oldest, most historic cities in Georgia rich with history. And how cute of a nickname is Savi?



The double Ts in Scarlett have a very specific sound, and you can replicate that with the ultra classic Georgette. A feminine version of George, Georgette means “farmer” and has an old-fashioned feel, especially since it hasn’t been popular since the 1940s.



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For another fiery option that ends in a hard T, try Bridget, which means “strength.” You could also spell it Bridgette if those double Ts are really what’s sending you. While it doesn’t quite have a southern vibe, I love how strong and determined the name Bridget sounds.



Ena is an old-school name, but is still super fiery. The name Ena literally means “fire.” It hasn’t been on any baby name lists since 1920, so you’ve definitely got a unique choice there, too.



Again with the fire: the baby name Seraphina means “ardent, fiery” and is super beautiful. It also hasn’t been in the top 1000 baby names since 1900 — literally, over 120 years of uniqueness — so it’s definitely a beautiful, one-of-a-kind option.

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