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If You're Having Pregnancy Dreams About Bleeding, Here's What's Going On

This is what they really mean.

by Kelly Mullen-McWilliams
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Pregnancy dreams are notorious for being particularly vivid and sometimes disturbing, but pregnancy dreams about bleeding could be among the most disturbing of all. If your dreams have had you seeing red lately, know that it's a common symbol that you're feeling drained, and possibly, a reflection of your anxieties and fears.

"Dreaming of blood during pregnancy is not typically something to worry about, even though it is the last thing we want to see in real life, especially during the first trimester," explains Lauri Loewenberg, dream interpretation expert and author of the book Dream On It: Unlock Your Dreams, Change Your Life, in an email interview with Romper. "It is important to keep in mind that our dreams will often reflect what is going on with our bodies during pregnancy. Women produce almost 50 percent more blood while pregnant, so don't be surprised when you see it in your dreams."

Blood In Pregnancy Dreams & Symbolism

In dreams, blood generally symbolizes energy flow, says Loewenberg, and when you see blood in a dream — yours, or someone else's — it could signify that someone or something in your life is draining you of vital energy. In pregnancy, she notes, dreaming of blood probably indicates that you're letting yourself become physically exhausted and rundown. Loewenberg suggests taking such a dream as a warning, and relaxing whenever and however you can. (For me, pregnancy naps are the key, even if you have to take them in your car.) Remember, your baby needs you to stay healthy and happy in order to grow.

Don’t Let Pregnancy Dreams About Blood Stress You Out

In the early weeks of pregnancy, a dream about blood is understandably frightening — especially if you've suffered a miscarriage before. In fact, Loewenberg says that you're more likely to dream about disaster, including child loss or car crashes, if you've struggled with miscarriage or infertility before. But don't worry, she says. It's likely that your dream is simply a reflection of waking fears. The good news is that the very act of dreaming might actually help relieve those fears, acting as a kind of "pressure valve." Know that "as your pregnancy progresses, and you are feeling more confident about carrying your baby to term, these dreams will taper off," she says.

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Why You Should Pay Attention To Blood In Pregnancy Dreams

"Think of your dreams as an honest commentary from your wise, built-in guru (your dreaming mind) on how you are doing physically and emotionally," Loewenberg says. "The more fun and pleasant the dreams, the better your emotional balance during the pregnancy." When dreams are disturbing, however, they might be clueing you into excessive stress, anger, or anxiety — negative emotions that are important to rein in while you're carrying a baby.

"Any time you get an upsetting or scary dream — whether pregnant or not — you must ask yourself what is most difficult in your life right now," says Loewenberg. A dream can be a wake-up call, a plain-spoken clue amidst the psychological turmoil of pregnancy. In fact, Loewenberg recommends that every mom-to-be keeps a dream journal during pregnancy — and dads-to-be, too. You're both going to have some "humdingers" during these next months, she says. So why not share the insights you have with each other, while you wait for a great change to arrive?


Lauri Loewenberg, dream interpretation expert and author of the book Dream On It: Unlock Your Dreams, Change Your Life

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