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These 11 Zoom Baby Shower Games Are Legit Fun

Get ready to party.

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With the shift to virtual social gatherings, baby shower hosts now have an extra hurdle to jump when it comes to entertaining their guests. While there's only so much you can do about the general awkwardness of showers (whether virtual or not), there are some Zoom baby shower games that will help guests loosen up, get engaged, and have some fun. Plus, if there's a good e-gift card prize up for grabs, you'll have no problem convincing everyone to participate.

Unique Virtual Baby Shower Games

DIY Food Or Drink Competition

Have everyone show up to the virtual shower with an entry for a "best food/drink competition" amongst each other. When you send out the invites, let guests know they need to show up with a food or drink they prepared themselves. You can instruct them to do a specific type of snack like a cupcake, cookie, or smoothie, or let them use their imaginations. Then, all of the guests will vote on their favorites (but they can't vote for their own creations) and the winner will get a prize.

Scavenger Hunt

Just like you used to play when you were a kid, come up with a scavenger hunt list of household items and have your guests find them around their home. On the list, include both typical and obscure things you'd find in a house like a paper clip and a pig of some sort. You can either play this as a race or a competition of who can find the most items in a certain amount of time.

Baby Gift BINGO

Who doesn't love a good game of BINGO? Come up with some cards to send out to guests to mark off during the gift-opening portion of the party. Any time a gift matches one of their squares they can check it off, and whoever gets BINGO first wins.

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Traditional Games For Zoom Baby Shower

Who's That Baby?

Before the shower, ask guests to send in a photo of themselves now and when they were a baby. Create a page with all of the guests' current photos and names and send it to everyone to use during a slide show presentation of everyone's baby pictures. Guests have to match or guess who's who, and whoever gets the most answers correct wins.

Don't Say "Baby"

This is about as classic as it gets when it comes to baby shower games. Have everyone be on alert to call each other out if they say the word "baby." The host (or a host-helper) will keep score for the guests, and whoever caught people saying "baby" the most gets a prize.

The Price Is Right

Unfortunately, there's no Plinko game here, but this game is still full of the spirit of The Price Is Right. Come up with a list of baby essentials, like a car seat, diapers, formula, and a pack of onesies, and have guests guess what they think the average price of each item is. The person who gets the most correct, or closest to correct without going over, is declared the winner.

Trending Baby Names

This came can be played two ways, using either the top 20 baby names from the year mom-to-be was born or the top 20 baby names from the prior year. Either way, have guests rank the names based on what they think was most popular. Whoever's list is closest to correct wins.

Guess How Many

Since the Guess How Many game is visual anyway, it can still be done virtually. Fill a vase or container with an object or candy and have guests guess how many are in there. Whatever you choose, make sure it's small enough to make the game a challenge.

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Interactive Online Baby Shower Games

Never Have I Ever

Remember playing this game before kids came along? Well, bring it back! Guests can bring a cocktail or mocktail while everyone goes around in a circle with their "Never Have I Ever" story. If the person has done the thing, they take a sip. To give it a baby-shower twist, ask guests to keep all of their stories centered around babies and/or parenting experiences such as, "never have I ever used a Nose Frida" or "never have I ever had to clean up a blowout diaper." There are no prizes here, just a way to get everyone talking to each other (and probably laughing a bit).

Baby Charades

Send every guest a baby-themed word that they need to act out on screen for the rest of the guests to figure out. You can either split the guests up into teams or play every person for themselves and whoever gets the most right wins. To avoid everyone cutting each other's sound off because they're yelling the answers, have them type their answers into the chat.


This is just like your standard Pictionary game, only with all things baby. You can have guests draw on a piece of paper at home or use a drawing program on their tablet/computer to do it digitally (just remind them it has to be freehand). This can be played as individuals or in teams.

With a good group of people and some fun games, a virtual baby shower can be just as entertaining as an in-person one. It's all about getting guests to interact with each other and have a good time. The "winner" titles and prizes don't hurt, either.

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