Amanda Ginn of Homeschool Unrefined

Amanda Ginn is a creative partner with Homeschool Unrefined, a podcast, digital content resource, and online community keeping homeschool simple, real, and fun. It all started when two friends, Maren Goerss and Angela Sizer, asked each other: What if… ? What if homeschool could be less about our lesson plans and more about a love of learning? What if we could get away with doing less school work and spend more time playing, adventuring, and building lifelong relationships with our kids? What if we could homeschool from our own strengths instead of someone else's? What if we could enjoy homeschool? Those "What if's" became the ideas and conversations of more than 100 podcast episodes, several digital resources, a supportive and inclusive online community since 2016. Homeschool Unrefined is on IG at @homeschoolunrefined. Find their podcast everywhere and at