Casey Cipriani

Casey is a Film Features Writer here at Bustle. She enjoys sci-fi, feminism, fairy tales, Disney, Star Trek, and other nerdy things. She also writes for Women and Hollywood.
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'A Bad Moms Christmas' Is Over The Perfect Mom Archetype, & It's About Damn Time

Fine, I'll say it: Moms are under an unbelievable amount of pressure. Whether it is the pressure to have a perfect, seamless birth (FYI, that doesn't exist); the desire for easy and painless breastfeeding that doesn't leave anyone in tears (you or th…
By Casey Cipriani

What You're Really Saying When You Ask A Mom If She Has A "Good Baby"

On a recent hot summer day, I strolled my 5-month-old baby out to the local library for some air-conditioned baby story time and sing-along. As we wrapped up, I plopped my baby down on the floor for a quick diaper change. Another mom, who had an olde…
By Casey Cipriani