Michelle Neale

Michelle is a travel industry executive who put her career on hold to travel full time around the US in an RV with her husband, two kids, and two dogs. This nomadic lifestyle is providing Michelle with the opportunity to pursue writing and photography, give homeschooling a try, and experience the wonders of National Parks, grocery stores, and laundromats around the country.
Recent Articles

I Decided To Roadschool My Kids In An RV, & I've Never Looked Back

Both of my kids were enrolled in some form of school since they were babies, and we were all happy with it. I liked that they were comfortable with caretakers and authority figures besides their parents. When they were younger, I liked that they were…
By Michelle Neale

I Quit My Job To Travel In An RV With My Kids

Last year, my husband and I left our careers, sold our house in Los Angeles and most of our possessions, and moved into a 300-square foot motorhome to travel around the United States with our two kids, Rita and Charlie. (We also brought our two dogs.…
By Michelle Neale