Miriam Foley

Miriam is a writer with work published in magazines, journals and websites including Hello! magazine, Refinery29, Hello Giggles, Parent.Co, and Litro magazine. She writes mostly about motherhood, food and travel, and can be found on Twitter @Miriam_Foley.
Recent Articles

No One Told Me Motherhood Would Be Hell

I'm sitting in the corner of the sofa, a very tiny, very real, very living baby girl wrapped in muslins on my lap. We look at the time, do the math. It’s time for her to feed. Other babies may cry loudly at this time; not my baby. She was born low-we…
By Miriam Foley

I Thought My Baby's Separation Anxiety Was The Problem. Turns Out, I Was The Problem.

My phone buzzes. It’s a message with photos from my baby’s new daycare. I scroll through, furiously searching for my baby, for her mop of dark hair and the polka-dot leggings and stripy hoodie I put on her earlier that morning. When she doesn’t appea…
By Miriam Foley