Simone Scully

Simone Scully is an award-winning journalist with over a decade of experience writing about women's health, pregnancy and parenting, mental health, and science. She has a master's degree in Journalism from Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism and her byline has appeared at Healthline, Verywell Family, Narratively, Well+Good, Psych Central, Greatist, TrulyMama, Motherfigure's magazine "The Mothership," theSkimm, Verywell Mind, Upworthy, and Nautilus, among other publications.

Simone Scully

Love & Loss

"I Needed To Be With People Who Got It:" On Grieving A Baby When The World Has Shut Down

“They were my people ... My family and friends tried their best, but they didn’t get it.”


How Loving My Son Unconditionally Taught Me To Love Myself, Too