22 Last Minute Kids Costumes You Can Prime In Time For Halloween

Just in time for trick-or-treating.

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Maybe your kid spilled chocolate milk all over their Halloween costume and it won’t come out. Maybe they realized they actually hate the dinosaur costume they chose (and you responsibly ordered) a month ago — back when you were getting prepared for Halloween early so you wouldn’t be stressed out now — and they want you to find something else. Maybe you got the wrong size, accidentally donated their costume, or shrunk it in the dryer. Or, because of how busy the first month and a half of school can be, you just completely forgot to get a Halloween costume for your kid and realize you’re quickly running out of time. Well there are still plenty of Halloween costumes you can buy via Amazon Prime, just in time for all your local Halloween shindigs.

Amazon has almost everything, and there’s no shortage of Halloween costume options you can order and have delivered to your front door within 48 hours. But, you’ll need to triple check that the costume is actually in stock for Prime delivery (and return, just in case), and not sold by some third party seller three times the original price. You can find really solid last minute costumes for toddlers and kids based on their favorite shows, movies, animals, and traditional Halloween characters (like vampires, ghosts, and witches).

You still have time to get these costumes delivered to your home before Halloween, so don’t stress. Keep reading to see some of the best ones — and don’t be fooled by the ages of the models in the pictures, a lot of these come in both toddler and child sizes.


Pumpkin Onesie and Hat

The classic early childhood Halloween costume is a pumpkin, and if you need one last minute, check this one out. The hat is an adorable touch to this already cute costume.


Spiderman Jumpsuit and Mask

If your kid is a Spider-Man fan, they are probably aware of all the various Spider-Men of the multiverse. This black and red version of Spider-Man is the costume of Brooklyn’s spidey, Miles Morales.


Elaborate Vampire Costume

The bats printed on the lining of the cape of this Vampire costume is a nice and unexpected touch. Don’t forget to add a vampire makeup palette to your cart if you decide to order this look.


Classic Ghost Costume

This is much easier than cutting two wholes in a sheet. This costume is essentially just a cape, so it’s not too difficult to get on and off.


Inflatable Dinosaur Costume

Your dinosaur-obsessed kid will love how this costume looks like they’re actually riding on the back of a tyrannosaurus rex.


Simple Superhero Outfits

If you need to buy a bunch of costumes — or if you kid can’t decide which superhero they actually want to be — this set of various capes, bracelets, and masks provide plenty of options.


Classic Witch Costume and Broom

Another rite of passage is wearing the classic witch costume for Halloween. This ones comes with a fun crooked hat and a broom to fly from house to house on while trick-or-treating.


Warm Dinosaur Onesie

If your child really wants to be a dinosaur this Halloween, but you want them to stay warm, this is the solution. It’s so cozy.


The Little Mermaid Dress and Wig

With the release of the new Little Mermaid live action film this summer, the redhead mermaid is on everyone’s mind again — including little kids. This costume is for toddlers and Amazon estimates their sizes to go up to kids age 9.


Catboy Jumpsuit

Your little kid’s dreams of becoming a superhero when they go to bed will come to life on Halloween, when they’ll get to show off their candy-collecting powers.


Astronaut Onesie

This realistic NASA astronaut uniform is out of this world. You can even add this astronaut helmet to make them feel like they’re really going to space.


Jessie’s Cowgirl Outfit

Jessie is one of the coolest toys to come to life in the Toy Story franchise, and this costume looks just like her outfit in the movies.


Super Simple Alien Costume

This little alien costume set is perfect for a simple costume; all you need to add is a black or white shirt. If your kid isn’t into a skirt — or it might get too chilly — check out this jumpsuit option.


Half Devil, Half Angel Dress and Wings

Ever feel like your child is part angel, part devil? Then this is the costume for them. In addition to the dress, it comes with the stockings and wings.


Skeleton Zip Up

This skeleton costume has an electric blue touch to it to make it sort of glow, which your kid will love because it doesn’t look like just any other skeleton. It also has distinct eyeholes, so you’ll be assured they can see.


Barbie Dress

This Barbie-inspired dress looks just like the one the title character wears in the scene where she does her “morning routine.” It is available in sizes for toddlers through tweens.


Bluey Onesie

Another super simple, re-wearable costume any kid will love — a Bluey onesie. Bluey’s face on the hoodie is illustrated exactly like the character is on the show.


Wednesday Dress and Wig

Wednesday, the show based on Wednesday Addams may have come out almost a year ago but the character herself is so in tune with Halloween. Any kid who enjoyed the show or the cartoon movies based on the family will love this.


Deluxe Chase Costume Set

Chase is a favorite character from Paw Patrol and this deluxe costume makes him look as cool as he truly is.


Butterfly Dress with Wings

Monarch butterflies are so pretty — and the colors of their wings are the same as Halloween’s main colors, orange and black. The antler headband is a particularly cute touch.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Onesie and Mask

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is still a popular franchise 30 years after its initial release, and recently released movie makes it especially relevant — and a popular Halloween costume choice. This onesie comes with two colored masks, so your kid can choose at the last minute whether they want to be Leonardo or Raphael.


Rapunzel Dress and Wig

Dressing up as Rapunzel from Disney’s Tangled for Halloween would be so fun because this costume has a long wig with flowers in it, which any fan of the movie would love wearing. This costume is just about as elaborate as the movie.

Whether you go down the route of princesses and favored movie characters or your kid wants something more spooky — like that adorably simple ghost — you won’t have to worry too much about it not getting to your house in time.

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