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10 Halloween Costumes Inspired By Taylor Swift & Her Eras Tour

Swifties gonna slay.

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Seeing all of the creative costumes Taylor Swift (and her fans) wore at the Eras concerts throughout the summer was a lot of fun, but it doesn’t have to be over just because the first leg of the U.S. tour is. Taylor Swift’s show inspired a lot of ideas for Halloween, not only because she wears a lot of fabulous outfits onstage, but also because her fans have made a trend out of taking references from her songs and turning them into costumes. Lucky for you, a lot of Taylor Swift-inspired costumes are accessible, easy to throw together, and adaptable based on age or preference, making many of them great options for both kids and parents.

You might be thinking that it would be hard to find a costume that’s age appropriate for your child, or within your price range. Maybe you wanted to wear something that would match or complement their costume but have had trouble finding adult and child sizes for an outfit that reflects your favorite of Swift’s eras. Don’t worry — there are some solid Eras tour-inspired costumes for every age demographic, including kids. So if you’re looking for a costume for yourself, a child, your bestie, or beau, keep scrolling for some fun and inspiring looks that embrace the magic of Taylor Swift.

1. A Moment for the 22 Hat

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One of the most iconic parts of the first leg of the Eras tour was when Taylor gave her black hat — an accessory she often donned when she wore a more “hipster” look back when she released Red — to members of the audience, including Kobe Bryant’s daughter Bianka.

A costume based off that part of the tour would be super easy for both kids and adults. You can DIY the “A Lot Going on at the Moment” tee, or there are a few online shops you can buy it from, whether you want a child or adult size. She also wore red heart shaped sunglasses a lot when the original (stolen!) version came out, and obviously the iconic hat. If you want to recreate this look for a child, check out these shorts, which are available in kids and adult sizes.

2. Taylor Swift & security incognito

@kelliegerardi on Instagram

This costume idea by @kelliegerardi on Instagram is a nod to Taylor Swift’s tendency to pull a Trojan Horse when she doesn’t want to be seen. This costume is actually easier to pull together than it looks — her “cleaning” cart is actually just a cart that’s big enough for her child to fit in with a black sheet over it and a mop sticking out the side. From there, the rest of the costume is simple.

3. Swift & Travis Kelce

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In case you somehow missed it, Travis Kelce made a friendship bracelet for Swift with his phone number on it and brought it to the Eras tour but never got to give it to her. Since then, Swift has made an appearance at one of his football games (and even sat with his mom!), wearing a red and white Kansas City Chiefs zip up. Thus, the perfect couples’ costume for a football lover and a Swiftie is born. This one might cost you an arm and a leg as the sales of Kelce’s jersey have spiked since they started dating, but it’s worth it. This zip up is currently sold out, but you can check out similar options, like this sweatshirt, or even this t-shirt, which depicts Travis Kelce edited into the Eras tour graphic.

4. Easy You Belong with Me Costume

One of the easiest (and most comfortable) Taylor Swift costumes to throw together has to be her “You Belong with Me” look. Anyone can do it since all you need is a plain white t-shirt and a pair of pajama pants. You don’t need to buy the costume since you can DIY it by writing “Junior Jewels” on your t-shirt and bring a piece of paper with “You OK?” written on it if you want a prop!

Assumedly, the names written on the shirt are Swift’s high school friends; you can sign a bunch of random names or have your friends sign the shirt. This would be a really fun costume for a kid since they could bring the shirt to school or their activities and have their friends sign it.

5. Ms. Americana & the Heartbreak Prince

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Swift’s first song at each show was Ms. Americana and the Heartbreak Prince, and she wore a rhinestone bodysuit with thigh-high silver boots. That might be a little difficult to pull off, so we recommend you take the song literally and dress as the song’s characters themselves. Many fans have interpreted Ms. Americana as the Statue of Liberty — there’s plenty of costumes you can buy for both kids and adults. You can also dress in red, white, and blue if that fits your style a bit better! The Heartbreak Prince, as shown in this picture, simply needs a broken heart drawn on a t-shirt or cut out of felt along with a crown. You can add “Ms. Americana” and “The Heartbreak Prince” sashes if you want to embellish it a little. Not only is this a nod to the song, but it’s still easily recognizable for people who may not get the reference.

6. A Fringe Dress

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If you’re looking for something that can be reworn, look no further. Swift has worn a few different fringe dresses throughout the tour, which she pairs with cowgirl boots. It’s a total pop star look, and the best part is that you can choose your color based on which era you want to be — for example, you could choose gold for Fearless, purple for Speak Now, and pink for Lover (with a pink heart drawn around your eye, of course). If you live in a chillier climate, pair the dress with nude tights (there’s options for both girls and women) or even a fur coat; this one for young girls comes in two colors, similar to ones that Swift wore recently.

7. Reputation (Mommy & Me Version)

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If you were thinking Reputation costumes wouldn’t be easy for a kid to pull off, you thought wrong. A genius by the name of JoyGDesigns on Etsy created a long sleeve top for kids based on the black and red snake outfit Swift wore during the Eras tour, which you can pair with black pants and as much or as little dark makeup as you feel comfortable putting on your kid. If you or another adult want to match with them, check out this Reputation sweatshirt that’s similar to the one Swift wore while promoting the album in 2017.

8. The Traffic Light from “Death by a Thousand Cuts”

“I asked the traffic light if it’ll be alright, it said ‘‘I don’t know’.” Who knew this line from “Death by a Thousand Cuts” could be turned into a costume? Christopher Heath, or @teachwithheath on TikTok did when he saw a traffic light costume and thought of the idea. Fans at the Eras tour were wearing outfits that were direct references to tons of different Swift songs, and you can absolutely do the same thing on Halloween. This would be a great choice for someone who is celebrating Halloween with someone dressed in a Lover era costume!

9. I’m a Mirrorball (Literally)

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Mirrorball, one of the most melancholy tracks on folklore, is also easy to replicate as a costume. Okay, so she didn’t wear this outfit during her tour, but this picture from the 2018 American Music Awards is good inspiration for the look that a lot of Swifties wore to the Eras tour. An adult or child could pull of this look — an all-silver outfit, including some disco ball earrings or this disco ball bucket hat is really all you need.

10. ‘Tis the Damn Season

Hector Vivas/TAS23/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

...for an Evermore-inspired Halloween costume. Taylor wore a long yellow dress while she sang songs from her Evermore album, which is wistful and romantic — just like this outfit. During some songs, she also wore a long green cape. The cape makes it really perfect for Halloween too, because it won’t look like you’re just wearing a dress. This look is really perfect for an adult who’s looking to stay warm because you can easily layer things under the cape without ruining the outfit.

The Final Touches

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No matter which Era your costume matches, you’ll need the final touches: friendship bracelets and the number “13” painted on your hand (Swift famously has her lucky number on her hand during all of her shows). You can use face paint crayons, which are safe for skin, to do this!

Swifties made and traded friendship bracelets at the Eras tour as a reference to Swift’s song “You’re on Your Own, Kid” from her most recent album Midnights. Making Taylor Swift-inspired bracelets with your child for their costume would be a lot of fun leading up to the big day.

Whether you’re a Fearless fan, or you have fond memories of life during her Speak Now era or even if you prefer Swift’s newer music, you and your kid are guaranteed to have a successful Halloween if you wear one of these costumes.

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