Stylish Activewear Staples From Amazon Prime That You’ll Wear Beyond The Gym

By: Brittany Natale

Moms on the go know how valuable time, energy, and comfort are. While one day might have them running from mommy and me to the office, the next calls for a gym session followed by countless errands. In partnership with Prime Wardrobe, we’ve discovered the best double-duty activewear pieces that are versatile enough to match your day’s busy schedule, all while feeling amazing — ensuring that you never miss a beat. You can order up to eight pieces at once to try before you buy, which makes finding your favorite styles totally stress-free.

From leggings you’ll wear to yoga class and to your kid’s soccer practice to breathable tops for powering through the busiest days, we have you covered. Ahead, the stylish activewear staples you’ll reach for again and again.

From Fitness Class To Carpool Duty

Whether you’re finishing reps at the gym or heading to carpool duty, being comfortable is key. High-waisted leggings in a bold blue hue pair well with a bright orange tank that's just as at home on a yoga mat as with your favorite high-waisted skirt. To amp it up even more, throw on some vibrant sneakers that are great for running to spin class — or just running around the house. Finish with an oversized nylon bag that holds all your essentials and a super-comfy zip-up sweatshirt that mellows out the brights.

From Tennis To Coffee Catch-Ups

It’s a common conundrum: You’re heading to your workout, then you get a text from a friend to meet up after. The only question is: Which outfit is workout-ready and coffee date-appropriate? Pair a plain white tee with a tennis skirt (this one has built-in shorts for total comfort), and bring a denim jacket to layer on after your session. Any beauty products for freshening up can be tossed into a roomy tote. The final touch? Pink suede sneakers that effortlessly balance function and streetwear-ready style.

From Yoga To Soccer Practice Sidelines

Whether you’re cheering from the soccer stands or holding a plank in yoga class, a versatile look can power you through hectic days with ease. Leggings with an otherworldly print go well with a pastel tank, and a sleeveless mesh hoodie provides some extra coverage during the post-class cool-down. Best of all? This bright (and pocket-filled) bag is big enough to fit snacks for the little ones, your makeup bag, a cordless charger, and more.

From Morning Hikes To Family Brunch

Hitting the trails with the kids can work up an appetite, so it’s always smart to have brunch reservations afterwards — just make sure your look is ready for both! A pair of lightweight active shorts will keep you cool under the sun, and classic Ray-Bans ease you right back into town. A comfy tie dye tee keeps things on-trend but practical, promising to be a definite staple all summer long.

Photo: Anna Wolf; Stylist: Laura Pritchard; Set/Prop Stylist: Alex Brannian; Makeup: Ashleigh Ciucci; Hair: Aki Yamaguchi; Art Direction: Molly Kugelmann; Branded Fashion Lead: Jenna Wexler; Branded Fashion Editor: Elly Ayres; Production: Kat Fry/BDG