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The One Tool That Can Get You Through Even The Trickiest Parenting Scenarios

By Allison Berry

When parenthood isn’t picturesque game nights in front of the fire and wholesome family dinners at the dining table, it can feel like sheer chaos. Sudden fits of tears, insatiable appetites, boundless energy that somehow always results in boredom — it’s no wonder no one’s been able to write a how-to manual on raising kids.

These days especially, small inconveniences can feel more stressful than ever. Between playing the role of teacher, chef, clean-up crew, and trusty parent, you may be more than ready to find solutions that make those tricky everyday situations a bit less overwhelming.

In the spirit of making your life even just a tad bit easier, Romper teamed up with Leatherman to show how their FREE™ T4 can be just the solution you need for a few of those stress-inducing parenting scenarios. Read on to get acquainted with the ways the handy multitool can be the trusted sidekick you didn’t know you needed, and now won't be able to live without.

Most days, I’m grateful I don’t have to worry about batteries staying securely screwed into electric cars and toy computers. But the second it’s discovered that those batteries need to be replaced? Sheer panic for parents and kids alike. Quickly tackle those tiny battery holes with the handy Leatherman FREE™ T4. It’s a 12-in-1 tool that comes complete with four different screwdrivers, plus other helpful features like a bottle opener and spring-action scissors. And better yet? The popular tool has been re-released in three new colors with two even newer ones on the way this fall. Keep one of these in your diaper bag (secured and tucked away, of course), and continue through your day with confidence.

I remember my first splinter vividly. My family was at my brother’s little league game, and I managed to get a sliver of wood caught in my palm. Luckily, one of the player’s parents had their multitool handy and used tweezers to quickly remove the splinter so I could go back to causing mischief. I learned two valuable lessons that day: One, I should have listened to my parents when they told me not to play on the old abandoned wooden bleachers. And two, someday when I became a parent, I would own my very own pocket-sized splinter remover.

I don’t know what it is about that adult-proof plastic that seems to coat everything from new dolls to packs of batteries, but it is darn tricky to open. Somewhere between having to rely on your kid’s safety scissors and resorting to the good knives in the kitchen, there lies a much more practical solution: the package opener on the Leatherman FREE™ T4, which cuts through thick plastic packaging or plastic tape with ease.

If this hasn’t happened to you yet, consider yourself warned. Some day when you least expect it, your child will come home from school, or return to the car after a playdate, and you’ll notice that an unmistakably globby glob of chewing gum has become one with their head. Before beelining to the salon, inspect the damage closely. If it’s just a small patch of strands, then it’s a solid case for the scissors on that Leatherman FREE™ T4. If it’s more like the gum has overtaken the front half of your kid’s head, then now would be a good time to explore bangs.

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