29 products every mom needs to survive the holidays, because things can get pretty intense.

A Sturdy Apron With Pockets

It's a game changer when you’re navigating your way through the kitchen, especially when there are many cooks around. You know what they say: Keep your family close and your favorite spatula closer.

A Light-As-Air Concealer

To look even more naturally flawless when your in-laws roll in earlier than expected.

A Water Bottle That'll Make You Want To Hydrate

It doesn't get any prettier than this vessel that alkalizes your water, which is supposedly good for your skin, digestion, and more.

Extra Sheets

Those last-minute overnight guests are going to have to sleep somewhere.

Plain Wrapping Paper

In case you run out of your beloved holiday-themed wrapping paper, plain kraft paper goes with any string or ribbon scraps you can find in your house.

Party Shoes That Are Cute & Sensible

Here's what I look for in party shoes: sparkle, a heel that will accommodate hours of standing and potential dancing, and an ankle strap to keep them on my feet without having to flex my toes all night. These are even more comfortable than anticipated.

Soothing Under-Eye Masks

To be used in conjunction with top-notch eye cream. Plus, they're fun.

A Really Good Eye Cream

Because you were up late — again — propping that damn elf.

Sheer Nail Polish

You’ll barely notice when it's chipped, because you will chip it.

A Not-Too-Much Highlighter

Just one swipe is all you need for a faint shimmer that'll make your face radiate.