29 products every mom needs to survive the holidays, because things can get pretty intense.

A Sturdy Apron With Pockets

It's a game changer when you’re navigating your way through the kitchen, especially when there are many cooks around. You know what they say: Keep your family close and your favorite spatula closer.

A Light-As-Air Concealer

To look even more naturally flawless when your in-laws roll in earlier than expected.

A Water Bottle That'll Make You Want To Hydrate

It doesn't get any prettier than this vessel that alkalizes your water, which is supposedly good for your skin, digestion, and more.

Extra Sheets

Those last-minute overnight guests are going to have to sleep somewhere.

Plain Wrapping Paper

In case you run out of your beloved holiday-themed wrapping paper, plain kraft paper goes with any string or ribbon scraps you can find in your house.

Party Shoes That Are Cute & Sensible

Here's what I look for in party shoes: sparkle, a heel that will accommodate hours of standing and potential dancing, and an ankle strap to keep them on my feet without having to flex my toes all night. These are even more comfortable than anticipated.

Soothing Under-Eye Masks

To be used in conjunction with top-notch eye cream. Plus, they're fun.

A Really Good Eye Cream

Because you were up late — again — propping that damn elf.

Sheer Nail Polish

You’ll barely notice when it's chipped, because you will chip it.

A Not-Too-Much Highlighter

Just one swipe is all you need for a faint shimmer that'll make your face radiate.

Workout Pants Because They're Comfortable (Not Because You're Working Out)

Grab a pair of comfy pants you can do anything in, from grabbing a last-minute gift to accidentally taking a 5-minute nap while folding laundry. Stick to a neutral color and no one will notice you've been wearing them for four days straight.

A Wrapping Paper Station Martha Stewart Would Approve Of

Raise your hand if you've ever pulled out a sad, wrinkly, half-unraveled roll of wrappping paper from the back of your closet. Enough said.

Lipstick With A Built-In Mirror

It can be surprisingly hard to find a mirror when you need it most, and this is less awkward than trying to pretend that you're not taking a selfie.

An Eye Mask That's Actually Comfortable

It's basically a "do not disturb" sign for your face. This silk mask, with its wide band, is way more comfy than the airline freebie you've had for 10 years.

A Solid Stand Mixer

This baby will make baking all those treats so much easier. I've had my KitchenAid for a dozen years.

A Candle That Smells So Damn Good

This is hands down my favorite candle in the whole world. Yes, it's a bit of a splurge, but it lasts longer than you'd expect and it smells so good — like you've just checked into a fancy hotel. Once it's out, save the blue glass vessel to use as a vase. It's a unique color, but seriously, all flowers look amazing in this thing.

If Candles Aren't Your Thing, Incense

This minimal holder looks more decorative than functional and is pretty enough to keep out with or without sticks.

Comfy House Slippers

You're bound to be on your feet even more than usual this season, so keep your soles cushioned even when you're inside the house.

A Watch That's Smarter Than You

To remind you to do all the things when you need to do them. There's a lot going on.

A Shopping Assistant

Fresh Direct and Amazon Prime Fresh will send goods straight to your door, but even your local grocery store probably has an order-and-pick-up service that will make holiday prepping a lot easier. Honestly, these services have saved me on more than one occasion.

A Mouth-Salivating Cookie Recipe

It's not a holiday without cookies, and this cookbook from dessert queen Dorie Greenspan has something for everyone.

A Great & Simple App For Lists

I'm all about the free app, and this one gets all the brownie points for making prioritizing to-do items super easy.

A Signature Dish

You might need to whip up a dish this season — something elaborate or just last minute — and this cookbook has never let me down.

A Bowl That Sings — Literally

Lock yourself in the closet with this bowl when you’re feeling overwhelmed or your in-laws are being unbearable… again

All The Streaming Subscriptions

To keep everyone in the house entertained, especially yourself. Hot tip: Download them to your phone so you can literally check out any place, any time.

A Backup Battery Pack

You know your phone always dies when you need it most — at the grocery store, desperately calling home to check on 10 different ingredients — so be prepared.

Fun Bandages

Trust, these will come in handy. Use them to cover small cuts and even to distract toddlers.

A Fireside Book

I visit this charming novel time and again. It's a pretty quick read and gives me an excuse to imagine what life must've been like for my late mother when she immigrated to the United States in her early 20s.

Eucalyptus Leaves

They're cheap, smell nice, and you can find them anywhere. Hang them in the shower and you don't have to do much else to make your bathroom guest-ready.