The popular view of motherhood is that it is to be avoided - will implode careers, snag marriages, erase identities, ruin interior design schemes. But for many millennials, entering motherhood is the most meaningful choice they have made; a bright spot regardless of the many challenges facing young parents, and an opportunity for emotional growth that the media completely discounts. A positive view of parenthood has somehow become contrarian.

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#Before9am: This Is My House The Morning After Halloween

Remember how 9 a.m. used to feel like the start of the day, and then you became a mom? Romper's ongoing Instagram series #Before9am celebrates all you do before most people have their coffee. Here's Lifestyle Editor Samantha Darby on her post-Halloween situation:

Hi. This is the face of a new mom of 2 who is crashing inside from all the sugar she’s consumed in the last 24 hours and is also a little panicky because it’s Nov. 1 and she’s hosting Thanksgiving for the first time ever and omg does she need to go buy a turkey TODAY??

There’s also the face of a 4-year-old who’s picking marshmallows out of her cereal for breakfast because of course she needs more sugar. Also the baby looks like she’s very confused because I can only assume my breast milk tastes exactly like the 18 Reese’s pumpkins I ate last night.

Happy November, y’all. We’re all in this together. (Now how long do I have to leave my Halloween decorations on the porch? I feel like I’m behind already.)

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