For years we've thought of doing a registry, but we know you decide what to buy for your baby by texting your friends for their Google Doc — you know the one. You trust those recommendations because someone you actually know tried them and loved them, or because they tried one and didn't and wish they'd used this instead. And yet here we are.

This isn't a Google Doc (if it were, our design team would have no job), but these are the products that worked for our editors when we had new babies, or the products we wish we'd had and are very excited about. We're sharing them with you like we have over time with all of our pregnant friends. Just pretend you're receiving it as one long text — "I'M SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! AHHHHHH!!! OK, HERE'S WHAT YOU BUY:"

OK, here are our gear essentials, for home and on-the-go. We've got two bouncers to cater to both minimalist and ... maximalist tastes. There are two baby wraps, too, one for if you were born to wrap your baby and plan to wear them forever, and one if you want a pre-sized, "for dummies" option. Why do you need a carrier, too? Frankly, because your partner is not going to put up with any form of wrapping, and it's good for strapping your baby on through the toddler years. We like the Bjorn travel crib because it's so much lighter than other options. What else? You think you don't need a portable play mat until you're at your aunt's house and there is no surface you feel comfortable putting baby down on. And while it's not a sleep product, the DockATot is a dream for propping your awake baby on the couch, next to you on the bed, wherever (while you're keeping an eye on them the whole entire time, of course). Even a 7-pound newborn can start to feel heavy.

Baby Wrap


There is nothing like the convenience of going handsfree while carrying your baby. This buttery soft wrap can be used with babies up to 25 lbs. (typically 9-12 months), and it's literally the sweetest feeling having a baby held so closely to your chest. Use code Romper15 for 15 percent off sitewide from 1/15/19 - 2/1/19.

The Pop Pacifier

Doddle & Co

It can be frustrating how something so seemingly simple as a binky can be so headache-inducing. (Seriously, what do you do when it falls, and where's that carrying case you swore you packed?) This ingenius pacifier pops closed when it takes a tumble, protecting the nipple from getting dirty. Use code ROMPER20 for 20 percent off sitewide from 1/15/19 - 2/15/19.

Get ready to change a lot of diapers over the next few years. You'll set yourself up for success by having everything you need in one place — yes, even two different types of diaper cream because some rashes are more extreme than others. We chose Water Wipes because wipes don't get any gentler. There's some ~disagreement~ in our ranks on whether you actually need a wipe dispenser/warmer, but if you go for it, the Ubbi one below has a weighted plate that ensures you will only pull one wipe at a time. It's non-heating because we're afraid to find out how our baby will react to a non-heated wipe once they get used to warm ones. The Leader diaper bag is the chicest version we've ever seen. And those Sassy bags are great to stash everywhere, from the changing station to the diaper bag because you never know when you'll meet a stinky load that you need to dispose of immediately.

Kit Bag Diaper Clutch


All of your diaper essentials fit into this compact but also somehow extremely roomy, lightweight, machine-washable zip pouch. It has multiple interior pockets and even contains a matching changing mat, and you can throw it into any bag (including the backpack below). Genius. Use code ROMPER10 for 10 percent off from 1/16/19 - 2/4/19.

Diaper Pail


Yes, the diaper pail you get is a big deal. Ubbi's metal option is more expensive than most, but it won't absorb the smell of your stinky diapers over a period of time (though, pro tip: sprinkle baking soda in the bottom, and take poop diapers directly to an outside garbage). The biggest saving is in the bags. You can use any garbage bag with it or a fabric liner if you're using cloth diapers. First time customers, use code ROMPER10 for 10 percent off sitewide from 1/15/19-2/15/19 (sale and certain gear or special items are excluded).

You really don’t need to stock up on dozens of bath-time products until your baby is a toddler, but here are a few you’ll need during the first months. We like the California Baby shampoo and body wash over the competition because the ingredient list is the cleanest. Splish splash.

Elvis The Duck

Oli & Carol

What makes these simple yet adorable bath toys so superior? There's no hole in them, which means there's no opportunity for mold to collect within. You'll never have to toss these rubber duckies. Use code ROMPER20 for 20 percent off sitewide from 1/15/19 - 2/15/19.

Infant Tub


News flash: Washing a newborn baby for the first time can be intimidating. This newborn tub is intended for the sink (your back will thank you). Because it stores flat (magnets hold the shape), storage is a breeze. Hang it from a hook in the shower, or, if bath time happens in the kitchen, you can even keep it on the fridge (the magnets will hold it up). Use code ROMPER20 for 20 percent off sitewide from 1/15/19 - 2/15/19.

The amount of time you spend doing laundry is about to go into overdrive. Stock up on baby wardrobe basics so that you have some time to breathe between loads.

The Newborn Top

June & January

You're not the only one nervous about pulling a onesie over a newborn baby's soft head. Kimono-style tops and bodysuits are just easier to get on and off. The tops are especially great because they allow your baby's belly to breathe during the first days when the umbilical cord is still in tact. (That's a good thing.) Use code ROMPER for 20 percent off sitewide from 1/15/19 - 2/15/19.

Stay-On Baby Mittens


No matter how diligent you are about filing your newborn's nails, your baby is bound to scratch themselves once or twice if their hands are exposed. The beauty of these mitts with velcro at the wrist is that they actually will stay on. Use code ROMPER20 for 20 percent off sitewide from 1/15/19 - 2/15/19.

Even nursing requires a lot of gear — yes, two different types of breast leak pads (disposable for when you're on-the-go; velvety soft, washable bamboo for home) and two different types of breast soothing pads. Store the gel ones in the fridge to soothe your shredded nipples and keep the purple Lansinoh "doughnuts" handy to microwave when you're working out a clogged duct. We like Amazon's best-selling Hofish nursing bras because they're affordable & practical, Storq's super-soft nursing tank, and Medela's strapless nursing bra that doesn't require you to take your entire shirt off and holds bottles (even ones that are filled with milk) in place. We chose Baby Chan's milk storage bags because they hold up to 7 ounces of fluid (that's an ounce more than other leading brands), have a convenient pouring spout, and are priced competitively.



If you're uncomfortable with nursing in public (and you're not alone), this stylish, shawl-like piece looks more like a fashion accessory than a breastfeeding cover. And it's way less awkward and cumbersome than an apron-like towel you tie around your neck. Honestly, you don't even need to be feeding a baby to rock this. Use code RxC20 for 20 percent off sitewide from 1/15/19 - 2/15/19.

Silent, Wearable, Smart Pump


It's likely you'll go with whatever breast pump options your insurance will cover, but if you're able to splurge and hate the thought of being tethered to a loud pump, the new, wearable Elvie works like a dream. You charge it in advance (it'll last multiple sessions depending on the duration/frequency you use it) and tuck it into your existing bra – you won't even have to buy separate pumping bras. Pump directly into the washable cavity at one of the seven suction levels, so you won't have to buy expensive proprietary bags to use it, and the app will tell you how much each side is expressing. And if you need to, you can buy just one side for $179. Units start shipping to the U.S. February 7.

Bottles are subjective — different babies like different models — but you'll read why the Comotomo is our favorite. Then of course you'll have to keep those bottles clean, a task so tedious it can only marginally be offset by a great bottle brush that has a built-in nipple cleaner and is dishwasher safe (the brush itself will get grimey, too). The Boon Lawn (also available in white) is basically the cutest bottle drying rack that exists.

Baby Bottle


If you're being honest, you're probably mostly drawn to these bottles because they're so darn cute, but they serve a very useful purpose: They are designed to mimic the actual shape of a breast filled with milk. Your baby will appreciate that they have something soft to hold on to (the silicone bottle itself is soft and malleable), and you'll appreciate how easy they are to clean. The wide opening means you can really get in there (even without a bottle brush), or just throw it in the dishwasher.

One Step Bottle Sterilizer & Dryer

Baby Brezza

No matter what you're feeding your baby, chances are you're going to go through at least a few bottles. This countertop appliance sterilizes and dries bottles, which you'll appreciate once you realize how annoying it is to dry out the inner canals of the bottle nipples. Use code Romper25 for 25 percent off sitewide from 1/15/19 - 2/15/19.

We can’t promise your baby will sleep when you want them to, but while you're getting there, having one of the most high-tech monitors on the market and a unique mattress that allows for optimum airflow will give you some peace of mind — the latter is made out of food-grade polymer (yes, plastic) loosely woven together so that there is ample air flowing through the mattress, and you can even rinse it under the shower. So when baby has an unexpected messy bodily function, you can still salvage your mattress. When shopping for a crib, there's no reason not to get a convertible option that will take you well into the toddler years.

Baby Monitor


Clear view of your baby from your phone? Check. Temperature reading? Check. Track baby's breathing and sleeping patterns? Check, check. This new baby monitor, designed by military engineers, does a lot more than entry-level monitors but doesn't involve wearables. You can even watch your baby when your wi-fi signal drops, because hey, it happens. Use code ROMPER10 for 10 percent off from 1/15/19 -2/15/19.

Glider & Ottoman


You really can't go wrong with Babyletto's modern aesthetic (even if you're not going for modern or minimal). They've got everything your nursery needs, including this glider (with a high back because you'll definitely want to be able to lean your head back during those midnight feedings) and ottoman combo, a winner in our book. Use code ROMPER15 for a one-time discount of 15 percent sitewide from 1/15/19 -2/15/19 for orders $500 and more.

You may feel like your body hates you during those first postpartum weeks, so be as nice to it as you possibly can — paging ridiculously comfortable mesh undies, a peri bottle even better than the ones you get in the hospital, and soothing witch hazel pads that’ll help with everything from stitches to ‘roids.

Yoga Mat In Soft Awakening

Sugar Mat

No, we're not saying you should exercise at this point (though you should if you want to and your doctor approves). May a pretty yoga mat in your life serve as permission to reset yourself mentally and physically once in a while. (Feel free to take a well-earned five minutes to just lie there.) Use code forromper for 20 percent off the mat in Soft Awakening (shown) from 1/15/19 - 2/15/19.

Perineal Spray

Earth Mama Organics

This cooling and soothing spray (even better-feeling if refrigerated), wants to make you feel a little bit better, a little bit faster post-childbirth. After you give yourself a spray down there, go ahead and spritz your face, too — it can be used as a facial toner. US customers get 15 percent off regularly priced items sitewide with code ROMPER15 from 1/15/19 - 2/15/19.

These are some great firsts for baby: easy-to-grasp toys, high contrast books for developing eyes, and literally indestructible books you can throw in the washing machine (and trust us, you will).

Play & Activity Gym

Clover & Birch

This wooden activity gym is so beautiful, you'll actually want to leave it out in the middle of your living room. Since it stores flat, you can keep it tucked away in between babies. Use code ROMPER20 for 20 percent off the gym in Onyx from 1/15/19 - 2/15/19.

Fawn Security Blanket


It's inevitable: Your baby will likely adopt a lovey of some form at some point during their early life. You might as well give them the cutest options you can possibly find, especially since it may stick around for decades. Use code ROMPER20 for 20 percent off sitewide from 1/15/19 - 2/15/19.

No, your baby’s not sick yet (and hopefully won’t be for a long, long time), but the last thing you want is not to have everything the pediatrician recommends when you call them in the middle of the night.

Baby Basics Kit


You'll use all the things in this handy pre-packed kit from Fridababy: nail clipper, nail file, gas passer tubes, skin soother (for potential cradle cap), and snot sucker. Save yourself the headache and register for this kit (or something similar) as opposed to trying to add each one individually.

Ear & Forehead Thermometer


A reading from the rectum may be the most appropriate one you can get when baby's running a fever (sorry), especially when they're newborns. But once your doc gives you the greenlight, a forehead or ear reading will be much more pleasant... for everybody.

Because everyone’s lifestyle is different, there is no one perfect stroller for everyone. Here are some solid options whether you live in the city, suburbs, are on a strict budget, or are ready to shell out big bucks. Make sure the car seat you want is compatible with the stroller you’re eyeing.

Le Sac Igloo

7 A.M.

If it gets cold where you live, you'll likely need some sort of stroller sleeping bag situation to keep your baby warm. This "igloo" can be used on a stroller or carseat, and because the back is removable, can most likely be used with whatever system you have. Use code ROMPERX7AM for 15 percent off sitewide from 1/1/19-2/15/19.

Infant Car Seat & Stroller


The beauty of this infant car seat is that it is actually a car seat and stroller in one. The wheels seamlessly fold into the base of the car seat, which makes taking your baby in and out of the car (especially a napping one) a breeze.

These miscellaneous goods may not necessarily be keeping your baby alive, but you’ll be so glad you had them when you look back at photos of your little one years from now.

Baby Age + Moments Blocks


You know you love those blocks that parents prop their babies with to indicate their age (1 month!) and milestones. Even if you don't plan on posting the pics on your Insta, just imagine how helpful they'll be in 20 years when the grandchildren you're definitely banking on want to know how old mom or dad was in that pic. Use code Romper20 for 20 percent off sitewide from 1/15/19 - 2/15/19.

Baby Book, The Story Of You

Artifact Uprising

This lovely baby book lets you track all your baby's special moments and favorite activities (books, etc) up to their first birthday. There's even an envelope to collect the first notes (cards & letters) baby receives. It's bound in linen, so it's, like, really pretty. Use code ROMPER to get the book for $99 from 1/15/19 - 1/31/19.

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