Here they are, the product recs our editors send around when one of us is having a baby. Just pretend you're receiving it as one long text — "I'M SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! AHHHHHH!!! OK, *HERE* IS WHAT YOU BUY:"

  • Fawn Security Blanket


    It's inevitable: Your baby will likely adopt a lovey of some form at some point during their early life. You might as well give them the cutest options you can possibly find, especially since it may stick around for decades. Use code ROMPER20 for 20 percent off sitewide from 1/15/19 - 2/15/19.

  • Elvis The Duck

    Oli & Carol

    What makes these simple yet adorable bath toys so superior? There's no hole in them, which means there's no opportunity for mold to collect within. You'll never have to toss these rubber duckies. Use code ROMPER20 for 20 percent off sitewide from 1/15/19 - 2/15/19.

  • Baby Bottle


    If you're being honest, you're probably mostly drawn to these bottles because they're so darn cute, but they serve a very useful purpose: They are designed to mimic the actual shape of a breast filled with milk. Your baby will appreciate that they have something soft to hold on to (the silicone bottle itself is soft and malleable), and you'll appreciate how easy they are to clean. The wide opening means you can really get in there (even without a bottle brush), or just throw it in the dishwasher.

  • Baby Monitor


    Clear view of your baby from your phone? Check. Temperature reading? Check. Track baby's breathing and sleeping patterns? Check, check. This new baby monitor, designed by military engineers, does a lot more than entry-level monitors but doesn't involve wearables. You can even watch your baby when your wi-fi signal drops, because hey, it happens. Use code ROMPER10 for 10 percent off from 1/15/19 -2/15/19.

  • Infant Car Seat & Stroller


    The beauty of this infant car seat is that it is actually a car seat and stroller in one. The wheels seamlessly fold into the base of the car seat, which makes taking your baby in and out of the car (especially a napping one) a breeze.

  • Silent, Wearable, Smart Pump


    It's likely you'll go with whatever breast pump options your insurance will cover, but if you're able to splurge and hate the thought of being tethered to a loud pump, the new, wearable Elvie works like a dream. You charge it in advance (it'll last multiple sessions depending on the duration/frequency you use it) and tuck it into your existing bra – you won't even have to buy separate pumping bras. Pump directly into the washable cavity at one of the seven suction levels, so you won't have to buy expensive proprietary bags to use it, and the app will tell you how much each side is expressing. And if you need to, you can buy just one side for $179. Units start shipping to the U.S. February 7.

  • The Pop Pacifier

    Doddle & Co

    It can be frustrating how something so seemingly simple as a binky can be so headache-inducing. (Seriously, what do you do when it falls, and where's that carrying case you swore you packed?) This ingenius pacifier pops closed when it takes a tumble, protecting the nipple from getting dirty. Use code ROMPER20 for 20 percent off sitewide from 1/15/19 - 2/15/19.

  • The Newborn Top

    June & January

    You're not the only one nervous about pulling a onesie over a newborn baby's soft head. Kimono-style tops and bodysuits are just easier to get on and off. The tops are especially great because they allow your baby's belly to breathe during the first days when the umbilical cord is still in tact. (That's a good thing.) Use code ROMPER for 20 percent off sitewide from 1/15/19 - 2/15/19.

Remember how 9 a.m. used to feel like the start of the day, and then you became a mom? Romper's ongoing Instagram series #Before9am celebrates all you do before most people have their coffee. Check out actor, country singer, podcaster, and businesswoman Jana Kramer’s morning routine with a newborn and a toddler, which is packed with multiple wakeups and feedings plus, you know, actually doing her stuff.

I was up at 2 trying to calm my little one, and then an hour later was feeding Jace. Took a nap and then smacked Mike on the back when I heard him crying because it was his turn. It was my turn again at 7. This time it was waking up my baby girl for school. Breakfast and then making lunches and just in time for a drop off at school. All done by 9am and wouldn’t trade any of my mornings for this. Us ladies surely can run this world.

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