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Remember how 9 a.m. used to feel like the start of the day, and then you became a mom? Romper's ongoing Instagram series #Before9am celebrates all you do before most people have their coffee. Check out actor, country singer, podcaster, and businesswoman Jana Kramer’s morning routine with a newborn and a toddler, which is packed with multiple wakeups and feedings plus, you know, actually doing her stuff.

I was up at 2 trying to calm my little one, and then an hour later was feeding Jace. Took a nap and then smacked Mike on the back when I heard him crying because it was his turn. It was my turn again at 7. This time it was waking up my baby girl for school. Breakfast and then making lunches and just in time for a drop off at school. All done by 9am and wouldn’t trade any of my mornings for this. Us ladies surely can run this world.

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