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It’s Back To School Season


Do Parents Really Know How YouTube Works?

by Rebecca Ackermann

Like, Comment, Subscribe, Mark Bergen’s book about the history of YouTube, is a good place to start.

Mental Health

“I Thought I Was The Only One:” Malin Akerman Opens Up About Her Family History & The Mental Health Crisis

by Michelle Yang

“If we think of it as our problem as a community, it's ours to solve.”


Kids With Head Lice Don't Need To Miss School, AAP Stresses In Updated Guidelines

by JM Farkas

Experts say forcing students to stay home could do more harm than good.


Kristen Bell Reveals Her Daughters' Handy School Night Routine Called "Flat Man"

by Jen McGuire

Every family should have a “Flat Man.”


The Stolen Year: Anya Kamenetz Wants To Know Why U.S. Covid Policy Failed Children So Spectacularly

by Rebecca Ackermann

In her new book, Kamenetz asks the big question on every parent’s mind.

Penis Penis Fart Fart

Is It Bad That My Kid's Potty Mouth Doesn't Bother Me?

by Miranda Rake

I'm not interested in pretending that running around the house yelling “penis penis fart fart” is anything other than totally funny.

Back To School

What Is Restraint Collapse?

by Elizabeth Holmes

Why kids hold it together at school and then fall apart at home.


These Multitasking Vitamins Were A Game-Changer For My Family’s Back To School Routine

by Katie Cloyd

The Ultimate Back-To-School Checklist For A Happy & Healthy Kid

by Katie Cloyd
Back to School

10 Great TV Episodes To Get Kids Ready To Head Back To School

by Alexia McKay

School is in session!


The Royal Kids Are Heading To A New School

by JM Farkas

And they’ll have a whole lot of room to run outside!


12 Durable, Sturdy Sneakers For Kids That Will Survive The School Year

by Katie McPherson

Tough enough for recess, P.E., and playdates.


'Octomom' Nadya Suleman's Octuplets Are Starting 8th Grade & Look So Grown Up

by Jen McGuire

“Be proud of yourselves kids.”


Stephen Curry Wants Kids To Own Their Education

by Jamie Kenney

“We want them to enjoy what school means and not make it a chore.”


The 13 Cutest Back-To-School Nail Art Ideas

by Grace Gallagher

No one will mind these nails on a chalkboard.

Back To School

Simplify School Mornings With These 10 Hacks For Parents & Kids

by Katie McPherson

You don’t have to start every weekday in utter chaos.