'A Christmas Story Christmas' is just as sweet as the original.

How Old Should Kids Be Before They Watch The Christmas Story Sequel?

We don’t want anyone shooting their eye out.

When HBO Max first announced it was planning to release a follow up to the 1983 beloved Christmas classic A Christmas Story, fans of the original went into high nostalgia alert. After years and years of watching A Christmas Story on repeat through the holidays, how exciting is it that we get a follow-up? But here’s the real litmus test for the new movie, A Christmas Story Christmas. Is it just regurgitated nostalgia? Or is Ralphie’s return to the old house on Cleveland Street the kind of movie that kids will want to watch, even without the original as a qualifier? Here’s everything you need to know.

Ralphie is a dad in A Christmas Story Christmas.

A Christmas Story Christmas is set in 1973, approximately 30 years after the original. Ralphie Parker, still played by Peter Billingsley, is a grown up dad of two himself now, coming back to his childhood home for the holidays after the death of his father (originally played by the late Darren McGavin), affectionately referred to as the Old Man. Ralphie reconnects with his childhood pals Flick and Schwartz (Steve Schwartz and R.D. Robb) while trying to take over the reins of organizing the family holiday, and even runs into his old nemesis... Scut Farkus (Zack Ward).

Is A Christmas Story Christmas appropriate for kids to watch?

While many of us grew up watching A Christmas Story over and over again, it’s important to remember that the same might not be true for our kids. And watching A Christmas Story Christmas with fresh eyes, however charming, does bring up a few slight issues for little ones. First off, the death of a parent comes up frequently and could be upsetting to younger kids. There’s also a bit of swearing just as there was in the original, lots of references to adults drinking alcohol to cope with the holidays, and some dangerous stunts performed by both adults and children that should definitely not be emulated. No matter how many times Flick might triple-dog dare someone. Because of this susceptibility to emulate dangerous stunts, Common Sense Media recommends A Christmas Story Christmas is best for kids 8 years old and up.

Despite the tendency towards violent gags, there’s a whole lot to love about this sequel that stays incredibly true to the original. Ralphie is a loving, dedicated father to his two children and manages to prioritize all of the people he loves in his life. Including his mother, his wife, and his old friends.

What is A Christmas Story Christmas rated?

A Christmas Story Christmas is rated PG for language and some rude material/behavior, most of which can be blamed on Flick.

Where can you watch A Christmas Story Christmas?

A Christmas Story Christmas is now streaming on HBO Max, as is the original movie A Christmas Story. If ever there was a holiday double feature worth watching, this is definitely it for older kids and their families.