Adele Was Asked To Choose Between Prince Harry & Prince William

A certain ginger has her heart!

It’s never a good position to be put in. Picking favorites. Particularly when picking between two human beings who also happen to be brothers. But let’s give credit where credit is due here because Adele muscled through. In a recent video for Vogue’s rapid-fire questions series, Adele was asked to choose between Prince Harry and Prince William. Sure she paused for a moment, but she did it.

Adele was answering around 73 questions at her Los Angeles home to promote her new album 30, which drops Nov. 19. The singer opened up about all sorts of fascinating things in the interview, including her new life stateside where she has noticed Americans have “their own funky language” for things like cinemas, coriander, and eggplant. She also noticed her “sarcastic sense of humor doesn’t travel,” which calls to mind her home country of England where presumably her sarcastic sense of humor fits in nicely.

Whether or not that sarcastic sense of humor was at play when she answered a question about the royal family remains to be seen. The “Easy On Me” singer played a game of “this or that” and was asked to choose between Prince William and Prince Harry. Rather than demurring she dove right in. Paused, seemed to think for a moment, and answered “Prince Harry.” She then turned to the camera and gave a little smile.

So now you know. Prince William might be heir to the throne, but Prince Harry has the heart of Adele.

Adele chose Prince Harry.

Adele has admitted before that she had a bit of a thing for Prince Harry, so no one should be terribly surprised. In 2011, she told Glamour that she was not averse to the idea of being married to Princess Diana’s youngest son. “I'm after Prince Harry. I know I said I wouldn't go out with a ginger, but it's Prince Harry! I'd be a real duchess then. I'd love a night out with him, he seems like a right laugh.”

Now that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have moved to Montecito and Adele lives in Los Angeles, perhaps they will all go for a night out and have a right laugh together. She did share an Instagram post congratulating the couple on their wedding day in 2018 with the sweet message, “Congratulations Meghan and Harry. You’re the most beautiful bride. I can’t stop thinking of how happy Princess Diana is upstairs.”