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Hilaria Baldwin Posted An "Epic Fail Family Photo" With Her 7 Kids & Husband Alec

“Happy gratitude day from our epic fail family photo to what is probably yours.”

If you had a hard time snapping the perfect family holiday photo, you’re not alone. Alec and Hilaria Baldwin recently attempted to take a festive picture with their big family and as the mother of seven described the endeavor, it was an “epic fail.”

Hilaria posted a photo of her, her husband Alec, and their kids on Thanksgiving, and everyone was focused on everything else but the camera. In the picture, the 30 Rock star is looking off while holding their son Romeo, 4, who is busy eating a snack. Hilaria is holding their daughter Lucia, 1, who looked like she was crying. Carmen, 9, is cradling infant sister Ilaria, 2 months, and looks to be the only one looking at the camera, along with her brother Eduardo, 2. The other two brothers Rafael, 7, and Leonard, 6, seem to be focused on the fruit in front of them on the table.

“Happy gratitude day from our epic fail family photo to what is probably yours,” Hilaria captioned the photo on her Instagram. “Our love and gratitude to all of you for being wonderful forces of light in our lives.”

Hilaria’s followers loved the realistic, action-packed snapshot. “It's not an epic fail. It is real life. It is natural. It is not fake nor posed. It's authentic. The best. Happy Gratitude Day to you, too,” one viewer commented. Another wrote, “This pic is perfection! Thanksgiving with kids.”

The Saturday Night Live star also commented under the post and wrote, “Tough crowd.”

This was not the only shenanigan the family had gotten into over the Thanksgiving weekend. Alec was apparently bothering his wife, so for a bit of fun payback, she wore a shirt with his face all over it.

“My husband was bothering me...and when I’m mad. I decide to be weird over [sic] cruel and petty,” she captioned an Instagram reel. “Because we all know that we have moments and get over them...why waste precious life with real fights? So I’ve been saving this shirt for this exact perfect moment to [get] him.”

Jokes aside, the Mom Brain podcast host recently opened up experiencing mom guilt. “It doesn’t matter if you have one kid or a million, I think many parents feel like we are never enough,” she told Us Weekly last month. “This is where I’m trying to lean into self-compassion, realizing that I’m only one person trying her best, and by being kind to myself, I set a healthier example for my kids to be kind to themselves too.”