Andy Cohen is dad to Ben, 3, and Lucy, 3 months.
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Andy Cohen Dressed His Daughter Lucy In The Cutest Fruit & Veggie Dress

Serious question... does this come in grown-up sizes?

Fashion is all about expressing yourself, but as a parent of a baby, it can be a guessing game. Who’s to say your newborn doesn’t like making puns or dressing like a mini pumpkin? Well, Andy Cohen, dad of Ben, 3, and Lucy, 3 months, is manifesting a mini foodie with his daughter’s new dress, and it is so stinkin’ cute.

“I mean….” the Watch What Happens Live! host captioned a photo on Instagram. In it, Lucy is wearing a colorful fruit and produce-themed dress. The bright yellow dress has ruffled sleeves and a cinched waist, with a pattern of produce. From the picture, you can spot grapefruit, kiwi, cucumbers, tomatoes, spinach, oranges, onions, and some green garnishes.

The newborn is still too little to actually eat fruits or vegetables, so this outfit is mostly just wishful thinking on Cohen’s part. But how could you not want to try a wide variety of foods when they look this colorful and delicious?

Lucy herself looks adorable as always in this picture, as she lies on an activity mat with her hands resting gently on her stomach. Her bright blue eyes are open wide and her brown hair is a tangled mess — she’s the picture of a happy, playful baby.

People were obsessed with how cute Lucy is, with one person commenting, “Absolutely unreal.” Another wrote, “Come ON!!!!!!”

Others commented on her round, kissable cheeks. Now those are some cheeks to kiss!” they wrote.

Khloe Kardashian commented, “She’s so beautiful.”

“Precious,” Padma Lakshmi wrote.

One fan commented, “Precious little salad baby.” Little salad baby! So, so cute.

This isn’t the first time Lucy has worn food-themed attire. For her 3-month birthday on July 29, Lucy wore a green zip-up sleeper covered in yellow lemons, which Cohen shared on Instagram.

Even Cohen himself has gotten in on the trend (albeit, in a more adult way). He posted a picture snuggling on the couch with baby Lucy on May 21, where he is dressed in cozy food-themed pajamas. His pants and matching hoodie are covered in different varieties of mushrooms — although these aren’t for eating exactly. The words, “Camp High” are also featured all over the pajamas.

Cohen is a self-proclaimed “snackie,” according to Delish, who enjoys burgers and dark chocolate on occasion in addition to grilled chicken, salmon, and Brussels sprouts among other things. It definitely seems like Lucy and Ben are in good hands when it comes to learning the culinary delights of the world!