Ashley Graham tandem feeds her sons Roman and Malachi.
James Devaney/GC Images/Getty Images

Ashley Graham Shared A Sweet & Honest Look At How She Tandem Breastfeeds Her Twins

“This took me a solid few weeks of trial [and] error and lots of tears...”

Most breastfeeding parents will tell you that getting to a place where they’re comfortable nursing is often quite the journey, and we have to imagine that’s even more the case when you’re breastfeeding twins. Model Ashley Graham illustrated just that recently when she shared a picture of her tandem breastfeeding her infant sons, Roman and Malachi.

“Double fisting, peep the whacky [sic] tan lines,” she wrote alongside the image of nursing her sons as they lie side by side on a bed. But the cheeky caption belies a more emotional breastfeeding journey, which she talked about on her Instagram story.

In her story, she posted a photo of her sitting in a chair, breastfeeding both boys who were resting on a nursing pillow. “My normal position for when I tandem feed the boys,” she wrote. “This took me a solid few weeks of trial/error and lots of tears.” She also noted that her doula, who is also a lactation consultant, was a source of support as “all three of us” (referring to her and her twins) figured out how to successfully breastfeed, praising her kindness and gentleness.

This picture is followed by a video focused on Graham’s breasts as Roman and Malachi eat. The two hold hands in a sweet, if fidgety, moment.

Roman and Malachi are Graham’s second and third children with husband Justin Ervin.@ashleygraham | Instagram

Graham, who is also mother to Isaac, 2, has posted images of herself breastfeeding in the past, including her very first post to feature her twins back in February when they were a month old. She’s also shared other, honest moments about postpartum life. On April 24 she posted a topless photo highlighting her “new tummy,” complete with stretch marks. (One image even showed her pinching a layer of fat.) In another from March, she shared a picture of her with a wet spot on the front of her shirt that many breastfeeding parents know all too well.

Instagram certainly isn’t real life all the time, but it’s nice to be able to get an honest look at motherhood from time to time.

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