Barilla's pasta cooking playlists will make cooking your dinner fun.
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Genius! Barilla Spotify Playlists Are Perfectly Timed To Cook Pasta

Watching water boil has never been more fun.

Forget using the kitchen timer on your phone, because Barilla pasta's playlists on Spotify will figure out the timing for you. And it sets the mood for the night, which is a huge plus.

Barilla has taken the guess work out of cooking the perfect al dente pasta, thanks to their collection of playlists on Spotify. The playlists, which are timed from nine to 11 minutes long, finish right when it's time for you to take your pasta off the stove and drain the water. Not only does it take the guess work out of determining when the pasta is done (which will result in fewer burnt fingers), but it will provide a beautifully curated soundtrack to your delicious meal.

Here's what you need to do: buy your favorite pasta, download Spotify on your phone or computer, create an account, and follow the Barilla Italia account on the platform. From there, you can choose from one of eight different playlists, depending on your mood and which pasta you have: Mixtape Spaghetti, Boom Bap Fusilli, Moody Day Linguine, Pleasant Melancholy Penne, Best Song Penne, Top Hits Spaghetti, Timeless Emotion Fusilli, Simply Classics Linguine.

These playlists combine the most popular genres in Italy, according to Marketing Dive, and feature music from artists like JAY-Z, Harry Styles, and Shawn Mendes, just to name a few. Seriously, cooking pasta will never be the same once you start using these playlists to help you.

Barilla Italia/Spotify

All that's left to do is pick a tasty pasta recipe, gather your ingredients (including your box of dried pasta), put on one of these playlists, and ditch your kitchen timer.

But beware, you might be tempted to sing into your kitchen utensils.