For kids who love to read, these are the best chapter books for kids at every age.
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The 55 Best Chapter Books For Kids At Every Age

From emerging readers to reluctant tweens, there is something for everyone on this list.

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Most kids will eventually get to a point when they’ll breeze through the simple text of a picture book. Even the best children’s books may not hold their attention. When that time comes, introducing them to some of the best chapter books for kids can help expand their reading landscape and potentially ignite a lifelong appreciation for a good story.

One of the most blissful parenting moments that I've experienced was the very first random Saturday morning when both of my boys quietly read independently as I also enjoyed a book of my own. They were in first and third grades, so it was really the first time that they were both able and willing to dive into a good book and actually spend a significant amount of time reading without my help. Now that both of my kids are interested in reading chapter books, the length of time that they'll sit still and read has definitely increased from when they would just spend a few minutes flipping through a picture book. I am here to tell you that this is an absolute game-changer.

Whether your child is just starting out on their reading journey or they've already built up a collection of favorites, there is something for every bookworm on this list. Take a look below to see which tales might spark a love of reading in your little one.

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Chapter books for kids ages 5 - 7

When my kids first started to read chapter books, finding a story that moved at a quicker pace was key. My youngest specifically connected with stories that expanded on things he was already familiar with, but he also enjoyed reading about fun, new characters.

Stories about animals and kids are a big hit for this age group, and finding a chapter book that includes a few illustrations can also be helpful for keeping them engaged. Many chapter books for this age group are part of a series, so kids can read about characters that they know in all new stories within each book.

Chapter books for kids ages 8 - 10

When it comes to finding books for kids between about the third and fifth grades, there are plenty of classics that stand out. So many books that I enjoyed reading as a child myself seem to be appropriate for this age range. Books based on movies and chapter books that have a picture book counterpart they're familiar with (an illustrated abridged version, for example) are also usually enjoyable for this age group.

Chapter books for preteens

Shopping for books in the preteen age group really has more to do with their individual interests than anything. At this point, most kids have established reading habits, so they choose books based on topics they're already interested in but maybe want to learn more about. Social-emotional topics, friendship, and adventure are the focus of many novels written for preteens, which means that the chapter books they read can often help prompt important conversations with parents and peers alike.

Graphic novels for kids

Despite being filled with fun illustrations, many graphic novels do fall under the umbrella of chapter books. Graphic novels have seen a rise in popularity over the past few years, and they can be incredibly engaging for kids. This is especially true for younger kids who are wary of reading longer books. Reading is reading, so if your kid won't read anything but a graphic novel, that's OK — they're still reading!

From classic titles to new favorites, this list of the best chapter books for kids features some of the most beloved books that children of all ages can enjoy. No matter where your child is at on their reading journey, these chapter books for kids are the perfect way to keep them tuned in and turning pages.

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