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Tweens Will Be Obsessed With These 20 Podcasts

There’s something for everyone on this list.

Podcasts can be lifesavers for tweens and their parents. Particularly when it comes to striking that difficult balance between reducing screen time while also staying entertained. Tweens are sort of the perfect audience for podcasts, in a way, because they’re old enough to concentrate on a story without needing constant visual aids. By the time a kid hits that precious tween age of nine to 11 years old, they can generally focus on something for 30-45 minutes without difficulty. But, unlike teens, this age group is still young enough to listen to their parents’ advice or recommendations.

That’s my experience, at least. Every tween, just like every child and baby and adult, is different. Fortunately the wide world of podcasters knows all tweens are different. And what’s more, tweens are ready to listen to podcasts. Over and over again, according to a survey by Kids Listen. More than 80% of parents reported that their kids were tuning in to their favorite podcasts for more than one listen, and 75% of parents said that family discussions were started after they listened.

Here is a list of all the best podcasts tweens will love. There’s a real smattering throughout; some music, some fantastical storytelling, and even a science podcast or two that will have them learning the best possible way... secretly.

The Two Princes

‘The Two Princes’ is a great podcast for tweens.Gimlet Media

Gimlet Media’s musical storytelling podcast The Two Princes is a great one. The story of two princes whose kingdoms are at war with each other and end up falling in love, The Two Princes is full of music and LGBTQ+ positive storytelling.

Harry Potter & The Sacred Text

'Harry Potter & The Sacred Texts' is a deep dive tweens will love.Harry Potter Sacred Text

Your tween is in their prime Harry Potter-loving years, where they take the whole Hogwarts world seriously. Hopefully as seriously as the podcast Harry Potter And The Sacred Text, where kids can listen to the hosts discuss the important themes used in the books like they are, indeed, sacred texts.


MentalMusic is a great podcast about mental health.Soundcloud

A podcast made by teens all about mental health and dealing with issues like insomnia and struggles with social media might seem a bit heavy for young tweens, but Australia’s MentalMusic is done with a light touch. And the subject matter has never been more important.

Brains On!

Brains On! is a cool science podcast for tweens.Apple

Have your tweens ever wondered if mold is actually alive? Or whether or not time travel is possible? Brains On! is a podcast all about answering the questions kids have in a way that is fun and easy to understand.

Song Exploder

'Song Exploder' gives tweens behind-the-scenes peek at music.Radiotopia

Tweens tend to be just at the beginning of their musical exploration, and the podcast Song Exploder gives them a behind-the-scenes look at how songs get made. Stories from the musicians themselves about making music that will hopefully inspire the next generation to try it for themselves.

Book Club For Kids

'Book Club For Kids' is an easy podcast to get behind.Apple

Everyone loves a good book club. Even kids. The Book Club For Kids podcast gives tweens the chance to have their favorite books read by a celebrity, listen to interviews with the author, and find friends who like the same stories. So like adult book club without the wine.

Pants On Fire

'Pants On Fire' is a unique podcast for tweens.Radioline

If your tween likes playing the classic “Two Truths And A Lie” game, they’re going to love Pants On Fire, a game show were a tween interviews two people: one is an expert and one is lying. They have to spend the episode figuring out which is which. It’s a fun, silly podcast hosted by a woman named Deborah a robot named L.I.S.A. that gives kids the chance to play along at home.

Live From Mount Olympus

'Live From Mount Olympus' follows Perseus on a quest.Apple Podcasts

Live From Mount Olympus is a storytelling podcast that follows the adventures of Perseus, as he heads off on a quest to save his mother from an evil king with his friends Andromeda and Danae. Greek mythology is tough to beat when it comes to action and drama and fascinating characters, and this weekly podcast from the Onassis Foundation is a worthwhile deep dive.

Six Minutes

'Six Minutes' is a riveting podcast for young mystery lovers.Kids Listen

Everyone’s love of a good mystery has to start somewhere, and I think the podcast Six Minutes is one of the better forays into the genre. The podcast tells the story of 11-year-old Holiday, who has no memory of her life before she was pulled out of the an icy lake in Alaska. She does, however, develop unique abilities. This one is voiced by kid actors, which makes the storytelling just so much more relatable.

The Unexplainable Disappearance Of Mars Patel

'The Unexplainable Disappearance Of Mars Patel' is a beautiful storytelling podcast.GZM Shows

The creators of Six Minutes also created the Peabody Award-winning podcast The Unexplainable Disappearance Of Mars Patel on Gen-Z Media. This podcast, which is described as “Goonies meets Spy Kids meets Stranger Things,” follows 11-year-old Mars Patel and his two pals as they search for two of their missing friends. It’s voiced by kid actors, and has become a hit with families around the world.

Eleanor Amplified

'Eleanor Amplified' is a fun podcast for tweens.

Nancy Drew fans, there’s a new girl in town. Eleanor Amplified is a podcast all about Eleanor, a young girl who dreams of being a journalist and is always looking for her next big story. It’s a timely storytelling podcast as well, with its themes of the importance of truth in journalism and making smart choices in media. Not to mention, it’s funny.

Stuff You Missed In History Class

'Stuff You Missed In History Class' is a cool podcast for tweens.Spotify

Don’t let the title fool you; Stuff You Missed In History Class is all about giving tweens the strangest and most amazing tidbits from history their school didn’t share. Things like the Rum Rebellion and a look at the 1918 pandemic will feel pretty prevalent right now. This podcast also features behind-the-scenes minisodes to help keep tweens interested in history. All of it.

The Past & The Curious

'The Past & The Curious' teaches and entertains.Kids Listen

History is far from boring, and The Past & The Curious focuses on all the most interesting elements that kids will find fascinating. Things like a massive food fight in Chesapeake Bay with pirates, mechanical monsters, and the history of cartoons. All told in a tween-friendly way.

Teen Girl Talk

'Teen Girl Talk' is a glimpse into a tween's future.Teen Girl Talk

So tweens are not teens, and some episodes of Teen Girl Talk might need a little parent supervision. But this podcast hosted by siblings Franklin and Suesie Cota is a great birds-eye view into the type of media teen girls consume: the books, movies, TV shows, everything. And with tweens edging towards those years, they will probably see this podcast as a glimpse into their near future.

The Thrilling Adventure Hour

'The Thrilling Adventure Hour' is like an audio graphic novel.Forever Dog Podcasts

A graphic novel beautifully performed in the style of an old-timey radio show, The Thrilling Adventure Hour podcast weaves tales of space cowboys and mediums, heroes heading off to Mars and more. All performed by actors whose voices kids might even recognize.

The Allusionist

'The Allusionist' is all about the intricacy of language.Apple Podcasts

Delving into “linguistic adventures,” Helen Zaltzman’s podcast about language and grammar The Allusionist might seem like a tough sell. But start them on the Swearing Episode and trust me, they’ll be hooked. Zaltzman talks about traditions from around the world, why people say “sorry,” and there’s even a Swearalong Quiz.

Short & Curly

'Short & Curly' is a great ethics-based podcasts for tweens.ABC

A “fun-filled ethics” podcast, Short & Curly challenges kids by asking philosophical questions like “Is your classroom fair?” and “Swimmers vs. Sharks: Who Matters Most?”

Fierce Girls

‘Fierce Girls’ is like an introductory class on feminism.ABC

Fierce Girls is an Australian podcast all about the history of amazing, fierce women throughout the history of that country. Telling the stories of scientists, athletes, explorers, spies. It’s inspiring enough for a listen, whether you’re Australian or not.

Kid Friday

'Kid Friday' is a great source for tech news.Kid Friday

Kid Friday is a weekly video podcast about the latest technology for kids, tweens, and teens. It’s a news show where a teen host talk tech “but always end up somewhere else,” according to the description. Recent episodes include discussions of stolen Amazon packages, bitcoin scams, and more. Great for that techie tween.

Peace Out

'Peace Out' is a great podcast for bedtime.Bedtime FM

Think your tween could use a little help winding down? Peace Out is a calm podcast full of relaxation stories, help with breathing techniques and visualization methods to encourage a good night’s sleep.

Let’s face it, adults need Peace Out too.