Bindi Irwin and husband, Chandler Powell are the parents to a daughter named Grace Warrior.
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Bindi Irwin Has Been Sharing The Cutest Photos Of Her Daughter

The new mom celebrated her first Mother’s Day with baby Grace.

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Now that Bindi Irwin is officially a mom to her first child with her husband Chandler Powell, the wildlife conservationist has already shared an adorable collection of photos and sweet updates about her newborn daughter. (Spoiler alert: She already has her first pair of khakis!)

In an Instagram post announcing her daughter’s birth in March, Irwin revealed that she named her Grace Warrior after her great-grandmother and her late father, Steve Irwin. “Our graceful warrior is the most beautiful light,” she wrote. “There are no words to describe the infinite amount of love in our hearts for our sweet baby girl.”

Since then, the Crikey! It's the Irwins star and her husband have made it clear that while there are no words to describe just how much they love being parents to little Grace, they sure love to photograph her and capture all of these precious family moments.

Her First Mother’s Day

The new mom officially celebrated her first Mother’s Day with her family. While the holiday calls for a celebration, it was also bittersweet for the new mom, who posted a hand-drawn portrait of her family, by illustrator Debb Oliver, with the inclusion of her father holding his granddaughter. “This day embodies the extraordinary gift of family,” she wrote in the caption of the post.

“I wish we could all be together but sometimes life has other plans. To my beautiful daughter, always know that you are loved beyond description,” Irwin wrote on Instagram.

Powell’s Mother’s Day tribute to his wife was just as sentimental, touching on Irwin’s strength as a mother.

“This is your first Mother’s Day yet it feels like you’ve been doing this forever,” he wrote. “Grace and I are both lucky and grateful to have you in our lives. We love you so much.”

Happy Baby

Grace sure is one very happy baby. The new mom posted a photo of her smiling, while holding Grace, who had a joyful expression that matched her mom.

“Grace’s beautiful smile,” she captioned the photo. Meanwhile, their family dog, Piggy, looks just a little concerned.

Her First Khakis

In Grace’s official one month update, taken alongside the star tortoises from her family’s zoo, Irwin revealed that Grace finally received her first khakis, or Australia Zoo uniform. The khaki shirt and shorts has gone on to become a symbol of Irwin’s late father and “everything he stood for,” as Discovery explains, so it’s only fair that the family’s newest wildlife warrior has a uniform of her own.

“We’re so proud of our Wildlife Warrior princess,” Irwin captioned the photo. “I know our darling girl is going to grow up caring for Mother Earth and all her animals.”

That same week, Powell posted a photo of him and Grace wearing their “dad and daughter khakis.”

But something tells me that they will be wearing matching khakis for many years to come. After all, it is their official uniform at the zoo.

Devoted Dad

Irwin and Powell, who have been married since March 2020, are so absolutely in love with one another. And it shows — especially now that Grace is in their lives. “A note of gratitude for this incredible man that I get to call my husband,” Irwin captioned a photo of the dad-daughter duo, posted to Instagram in April.

“Grace and I are beyond blessed to have him in our lives. His strength, love, and kindness are the greatest gifts in the world.”

Baby Model

At less than a month old, Grace is already getting into modeling. In an April Instagram post, little Grace wore the cutest onesie featuring a baby wombat from Australia Zoo’s line of baby clothes.

How adorable is their own baby wildlife warrior in their Baby Wildlife Warrior clothing collection?

The Light In Their Lives

Irwin posted the first video of their daughter to Instagram when she turned three weeks old.

“Your dad and I love you beyond description,” she wrote in the caption of the post. “Thank you for being the most beautiful light in our lives.”

Gang’s All Here

Not every photo of Grace is posed. In April, Powell took to Instagram where he shared the cutest candid photo of him, Irwin, Grace, and Piggy.

Two Weeks Earthside

Irwin commemorated Grace’s two week update with three stunning family photos posted to her Instagram account. The couple looks so blissfuly in love and Grace looks like such a happy and peaceful baby.

Also, just look at Powell’s smile!

Sleeping Beauty

According to Irwin, Grace is “always dreaming.” About what? Hard to say, but she is surrounded by a bunch of adorable and exotic animals.

One Week Old

The first week of Grace’s life was filled with the “sweet snuggles and infinite love,” according to Irwin.

First Family Photo

On March 26, just one day after welcoming Grace into the world, Irwin took to Instagram where she shared their first photo as a family of three.

Whether she’s asleep or awake, posing with animals or dreaming about them, Grace Warrior Irwin Powell is one adorable baby.

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