Bindi Irwin and husband, Chandler Powell are the parents to a daughter named Grace Warrior.
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Bindi Irwin Has Been Sharing The Cutest Photos Of Her Daughter

Little Grace is full of adventure!

by Casey Suglia
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Now that Bindi Irwin is officially a mom to her first child with her husband Chandler Powell, the wildlife conservationist has already shared an adorable collection of photos and sweet updates about her newborn daughter. (Spoiler alert: She already has her first pair of khakis!)

In an Instagram post announcing her daughter’s birth in March, Irwin revealed that she named her Grace Warrior after her great-grandmother and her late father, Steve Irwin. “Our graceful warrior is the most beautiful light,” she wrote. “There are no words to describe the infinite amount of love in our hearts for our sweet baby girl.”

Since then, the Crikey! It's the Irwins star and her husband have made it clear that while there are no words to describe just how much they love being parents to little Grace, they sure love to photograph her and capture all of these precious family moments.

On A (St)Roll!

Grace just keeps on growing, and Irwin’s Instagram photos are proof of that. Whether she’s spending time with her family or sitting up on her own, there is so much that this little warrior can do. One of the things that she enjoys the most, Bindi revealed, is going on their family walks and smiling for the camera.

“Love that our girl pokes her tongue out as soon as she knows we’re about to take a photo!,” Irwin wrote in the caption of the post.

Their Little Pumpkin

Winter, spring, summer, or fall, Grace is the object of her parents’ affection. Or, as Irwin captioned the photo posted to Instagram, she’s their “sweetheart.”

Grace’s First Halloween

The little girl celebrated her first Halloween by dressing up in a groovy, 60’s themed costume alongside her parents and a koala with a thing for hugs.

Hiking Buddies

Grace is a big fan of activities involving nature, like going on hikes with her parents.

“She adores being outside, looking for wildlife with us,” Irwin wrote in the caption of her Instagram post. “Grace Warrior finds magic in everything and I love that.” Awww.

Little Kisses

Grace is already sharing the love to her mama, giving Irwin kisses all the time.

“My beautiful angel, I cherish being your mama,” she wrote in the caption of the post.

Seven Months Old!

It’s hard to believe that Grace is already seven-months-old! In her update, Irwin revealed that her daughter is so curious, and loves grabbing everything, giggling, snuggling, going on adventures, and trying new food.

Oh, and she also loves laughing. Koalas, in particular, make her laugh extra hard.

Talking Already

While Grace might be a little too young to have some full conversations, she is already having so much fun talking or “having a chat” with their family’s pet.

Angel & Sunshine

Little Grace loves sticking out her tongue, especially when her mom’s camera is around.

“Our angel and sunshine every day,” Irwin wrote in the caption, adding that she loves her daughter “beyond description.”

Bindi’s World

There is nothing that Irwin loves more than her family, and that shows, especially when she posts group photos of everyone, together, enjoying each others company.

A Little Princess

In Irwin’s most recent Instagram post, Grace looks so grown up and alert. In one photo she smiles at her mom, while in another she sticks her tongue out at the camera.

“Wildlife Warrior princess,” she wrote in the caption of the photo.

Full of Personality

Grace might just be six months old, but she is already filled with so much personality. Grace is clearly such a playful little girl, and her preferences for sticking out her tongue is proof of that. Whether she’s doing it on her own or beside her dad, Grace’s tongue is always willing to make an appearance.

This photo also happens to be Bindi’s favorite, which is a very fun fact.

An Aspiring Musician

In addition to being a baby Wildlife Warrior, Grace might also be an aspiring musician. Irwin revealed that her brother has been teaching her daughter how to play the guitar.

Sure, the guitar is just a little bigger than she is, but she is well on her way to becoming Australia’s next big musician.

Mommy’s Little Girl

Sometimes, words aren’t needed to describe how much joy your kids bring to you.

“Babyyyyyy,” Irwin captioned the photo.

Six Months Old

Irwin honored Grace turning six months old in late September, where she shared the sweetest photos of their little girl.

“Grace Warrior, we love you beyond description,” Irwin wrote in the caption of the post.

Smiles Full Of Sunshine

If there is anything that their little family loves doing, it’s smiling.

“We’ve got those sunshine smiles,” she wrote in the caption of the post.

Ray of Sun

There is no doubt that Grace is full of sunshine and Irwin knows it. “My little ray of sunshine,” she wrote in the caption of the post.

Little Traveler

Grace is already logging her miles in the sky. When it came time to flying on an airplane, Irwin wrote that their little girl was “happy and smiling the entire time and enjoyed all the snuggles.”

Also, take this tip from the parents — a pacifier really helped Grace’s ears while taking off and landing on the airplane.

Super Dad

Irwin has loved watching Powell become a dad, she wrote in the caption of an Instagram post.

“I love that he takes Grace on daily dad-ventures and watches the sunrise with her almost every morning,” she wrote. “Your girls love you so much, sweetheart.”

“Grandpa Crocodile”

Irwin wrote that she is doing her best to keep her late dad’s memory alive for her daughter. The conservationist plays videos of “grandpa crocodile,” or her dad, for their daughter to watch — and she is already loving them.

“She lights up when she sees him on screen,” she wrote in the caption of the post.

“I wish with all my heart that Dad could hug my beautiful girl,” she added. “It’s been 15 years since he passed away. I hold on to the thought that he’s her guardian angel now, watching over the most special part of my life, Grace Warrior.”

Baby Wearing

Irwin and Grace are always wearing some seriously stylish outfits, even when Irwin is wearing Grace herself.

Just look at those adorable sunglasses!

Hug Me

Whether it’s her family members or animals, Grace loves giving out hugs.

Just look at her trying to hug Daniel the wallaby.

All Smiles

Grace is such a smiley little baby, and it shows. She is always smiling in every single photos, making her such a happy little girl.

“This little smile is my favorite part of every day,” Powell wrote in the caption of the post.

Happy Little Buddy

Not only is Grace a happy little baby, she’s her dad’s “happy little buddy.” Little Grace’s wide eyed smile in the series of photos is so, so cute.

“The happiest little buddy,” Powell captioned the photos. Truer words have never been spoken.

Owl Wrangler

Just like her famous, late grandfather, Bindi is also an animal wrangler, too. At least, she’s a stuffed animal wrangler. Baby Grace knows how to wrangle stuffed owls on the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve, according to Powell.

As if anyone had any doubts about it, but “our girl is a Wildlife Warrior for sure!,” Powell wrote.

5 Month Update

It’s hard to believe that Grace is already five months old. In her five month update, Powell revealed that their daughter is filled with smiles, laughter, and is grabbing everything in reach. So sweet!

Every Day Is An Adventure

When you’re born in a zoo, every day with your family is an adventure. At least, that is how it is according to Powell.

Family Affair

Family clearly means so much to Irwin and her husband, and Grace will grow up knowing that, especially since she’s always surrounded by her grandma and uncle.

Just look how happy she is to be in her grandma’s arms!

A Camping Expert

Although camping with a baby might prove as a challenge to some, according to Irwin, Grace is already a camping expert.

Honestly, she just looks happy to be there.

So Much Love

As if it wasn’t obvious enough, Irwin and Powell have so much love for their little one.

Already Teething

In a post, Irwin revealed that her daughter is already showing signs of teething, which has resulted in early mornings and not much sleep.

But luckily, Grace’s little sunbeam smile has made it all worth it.

Super Cool Sunglasses

Grace is so stylish!

Those purple sunglasses are a total mood.

She Loves A Selfie

But can you blame her? The camera loves her!

Getting Her Good Side

After seeing photos of Grace over the past five months, it’s apparent that Grace just loves the camera. But Powell revealed that their little girl really, really loves the camera. Like, so much that she wants to stick her face in it and eat it.

In an adorable video taken on Powell’s daily “dad-venture” with Grace, the baby can be seen putting her face in front of the camera and trying to grab it. “Her new favorite thing is seeing herself in the camera!,” he wrote in the caption of the post. Can you blame her?

The Best Adventure Buddy

If Grace is going on this many adventures at just under six months old, imagine what the rest of her life will be like?

Especially since, according to Powell, she is the “best adventure buddy” in the whole entire world. Awww.

A Little Light

Grace’s smile brings so much joy to her family’s life that she is their “little light,” Powell wrote in the caption of an Instagram post.

She looks so much like her mom and her dad, it is uncanny.

Family Affair

Whenever the new family is together, they always seem to be having a fantastic time. Whether they’re home, surrounded by nature, hanging out with animals, or just enjoying their time together.

Grace always has the biggest smile on her face, even if she is hanging out with a giant sea turtle right next to her.

Happy Baby

Should it come as a surprise that Grace is such a happy baby? Not really, given how enthusiastic her parents are and how exciting her life is already. Powell took to Instagram where he posted a video of Irwin singing the names of the 50 states in the United States while dancing with Grace. This was something that Grace thoroughly enjoyed — the little girl could not stop laughing at her mom’s singing.

Not only is this video so adorable to watch, but it’s a clever way for them to teach Grace about her dad’s home country. Before moving to Australia in 2018, Powell grew up in Florida and attended the University of Central Florida.

While Irwin might have forgotten New Hampshire in her song, she was just a little distracted by Grace’s adorable laugh to “remember every state,” Powell noted.

Little Joey

Irwin and Powell’s “human joey” got to meet the Australia Zoo’s Joey, also known as a baby kangaroo. While they may be close in age and size, that’s pretty much where the similarities end between Grace and the kangaroo.

“Grace absolutely loved meeting the littlest roos with her mama,” Powell captioned the photo.

Her Own Bird Garden

Grace is now officially a permanent part of the Australia Zoo. Powell took to Instagram in June where he revealed that Grace’s Bird Garden is now open at their zoo.

Obviously, Grace looks thrilled.

Sweet Smiles

Baby Grace seriously looks like the happiest baby around. Powell shared that Grace is such a “happy girl” who loves to laugh at her surroundings.

“Grace has started giggling all the time and loves spending her afternoons walking through the zoo with us,” he revealed in the caption of the post. “She especially enjoys the flower gardens just like her mum!”

She Really Loves Giggling

In another post on the gram, Irwin reiterated Powell’s statements about their giggly little girl.

“Our sweet girl and adventuring through Australia Zoo,” Irwin wrote in the caption of the post. “Giggling when we talk about all the animals we’re strolling by.”

Like Mama, Like Daughter

While Grace is such a cute little girl on her own, she is already starting to resemble one parent more — her mom. In a photo posted to Irwin’s account, Grace can be seen wearing a hooded towel while Irwin holds her. In a second photo, Irwin posted a photo of herself as a baby wearing her own hooded towel.

They look so much alike, have the same eyes, and have the same love of hooded towels, according to Irwin’s Instagram caption. “Like mama like daughter,” she wrote.

Little Baby, Big Adventures

Although she may be small, Grace is already going on some big adventures with her parents. Irwin posted a photo with Grace on a family walk through a forest, showing that the little girl already has a sense of exploration at her young age.

It’s safe to say that there will be many more adventures in Grace’s life to come.

A Wildlife Legend

Family walks are very exciting when you have Irwin and Powell as your parents. During a recent family walk, Powell revealed that Grace was able to see her “first wild swamp wallaby, noisy pitta, and possum.”

Not only is she a baby wildlife warrior, but “she’s already a legend at spotting wildlife,” Powell revealed.

Family Bonding

Baby Grace is already getting her fill of family time, especially when it comes to her grandma and uncle. Irwin posted an adorable photo of her holding Grace while smiling into the camera with her mom, Terri, and younger brother, Robert.

“All the love in the world,” she captioned the sweet shot.

First Koala Encounter

Grace is going to have to get used to being around some seriously cute animals, given the family she was born into. In May, Grace got to meet a koala for the first time, which Irwin documented in an Instagram post, of course.

“She was fascinated and so was Milo our darling koala!,” she captioned the photo. “Too cute.” Agreed.

Two Month Update

Grace Warrior turned two months old on May 24, and could clearly not be happier about this milestone. Her little smile is so contagious.

“Two months old and our beautiful Grace Warrior is all smiles!,” Bindi captioned the photo. “She is the happiest little light in the world.”

Baby Buddy

While Grace might be bonding with zoo animals, she’s also bonding with her dad, who recently called her his “buddy” on Instagram.

Adventure Baby

Every day must be an adventure at the Australia Zoo, and baby Grace is already getting her fill of them. In a new Instagram post, Irwin shared that the family of three went for their “first family dinner adventure,” which looked pretty magical.

“I’m a proud mama,” she concluded.

Bright Eyed Baby

Irwin’s younger brother, Robert Irwin, is also sharing his love for baby Grace. The proud uncle took to Instagram where he shared a close up photo of Grace’s face, who looks adoringly into the camera. “Look at my lil niece!!!!!,” he captioned the post.

The new mom couldn’t resist commenting on the photo. “Little Warrior princess,” she wrote.

Two Month Update

Baby Grace is only 2 months old but is already taking a liking to certain things, Irwin revealed in the caption of an Instagram post. “She loves an afternoon walk through our Australia Zoo Gardens, lots of cuddling, and smiling big,” she wrote.

But most importantly, their little girl “lights up the world with her beautiful heart.” Awwwww.

Her First Mother’s Day

The new mom officially celebrated her first Mother’s Day with her family. While the holiday calls for a celebration, it was also bittersweet for the new mom, who posted a hand-drawn portrait of her family, by illustrator Debb Oliver, with the inclusion of her father holding his granddaughter. “This day embodies the extraordinary gift of family,” she wrote in the caption of the post.

“I wish we could all be together but sometimes life has other plans. To my beautiful daughter, always know that you are loved beyond description,” Irwin wrote on Instagram.

Powell’s Mother’s Day tribute to his wife was just as sentimental, touching on Irwin’s strength as a mother.

“This is your first Mother’s Day yet it feels like you’ve been doing this forever,” he wrote. “Grace and I are both lucky and grateful to have you in our lives. We love you so much.”

Happiest Baby Around

Grace sure is one very happy baby. The new mom posted a photo of her smiling, while holding Grace, who had a joyful expression that matched her mom.

“Grace’s beautiful smile,” she captioned the photo. Meanwhile, their family dog, Piggy, looks just a little concerned.

Clearly, Piggy loves being a big sister.

Her First Khakis

In Grace’s official one month update, taken alongside the star tortoises from her family’s zoo, Irwin revealed that Grace finally received her first khakis, or Australia Zoo uniform. The khaki shirt and shorts has gone on to become a symbol of Irwin’s late father and “everything he stood for,” as Discovery explains, so it’s only fair that the family’s newest wildlife warrior has a uniform of her own.

“We’re so proud of our Wildlife Warrior princess,” Irwin captioned the photo. “I know our darling girl is going to grow up caring for Mother Earth and all her animals.”

That same week, Powell posted a photo of him and Grace wearing their “dad and daughter khakis.”

But something tells me that they will be wearing matching khakis for many years to come. After all, it is their official uniform at the zoo.

Devoted Dad

Irwin and Powell, who have been married since March 2020, are so absolutely in love with one another. And it shows — especially now that Grace is in their lives. “A note of gratitude for this incredible man that I get to call my husband,” Irwin captioned a photo of the dad-daughter duo, posted to Instagram in April.

“Grace and I are beyond blessed to have him in our lives. His strength, love, and kindness are the greatest gifts in the world.”

Baby Model

At less than a month old, Grace is already getting into modeling. In an April Instagram post, little Grace wore the cutest onesie featuring a baby wombat from Australia Zoo’s line of baby clothes.

How adorable is their own baby wildlife warrior in their Baby Wildlife Warrior clothing collection?

The Light In Their Lives

Irwin posted the first video of their daughter to Instagram when she turned three weeks old.

“Your dad and I love you beyond description,” she wrote in the caption of the post. “Thank you for being the most beautiful light in our lives.”

Gang’s All Here

Not every photo of Grace is posed. In April, Powell took to Instagram where he shared the cutest candid photo of him, Irwin, Grace, and Piggy.

Two Weeks Earthside

Irwin commemorated Grace’s two week update with three stunning family photos posted to her Instagram account. The couple looks so blissfuly in love and Grace looks like such a happy and peaceful baby.

Also, just look at Powell’s smile!

Sleeping Beauty

According to Irwin, Grace is “always dreaming.” About what? Hard to say, but she is surrounded by a bunch of adorable and exotic animals.

One Week Old

The first week of Grace’s life was filled with the “sweet snuggles and infinite love,” according to Irwin.

First Family Photo

On March 26, just one day after welcoming Grace into the world, Irwin took to Instagram where she shared their first photo as a family of three.

Whether she’s asleep or awake, posing with animals or dreaming about them, Grace Warrior Irwin Powell is one adorable baby.

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