Mackenzie, Bingo, and Bluey play spa with Bandit in the creek.

Is There An Earth Day Bluey Episode?

The nature-loving series is full of episodes that celebrate the great outdoors.

If you ask us, too many people sleep on Earth Day. What a wonderful holiday! No real obligations to speak of. No need to travel super far. Nothing to buy, no big meals to plan. Just a lovely day spent outside, basking in the beauty of nature with your family. Celebrating Earth Day can be anything, from going to a park, enjoying a hike, heading to the beach, or even watching an episode of Bluey. Is there a Bluey Earth Day episode? Well, no, but you have some options.

The truth of the matter is that the show creators clearly have a deep appreciation of the great outdoors — plenty of episodes take place out in the fresh air and others have a specific “nature” bent, from depicting a detailed, balanced ecosystem to teaching kids about the biological wonders that surround them.

Honestly, there’s way more than five Bluey episodes that would be perfect for Earth Day but we’re thinking you’ll want to spend most of the day outside so you won’t have time to catch them all. So here are some of our favorites.

“Fruit Bat” | Season 1, Episode 8


In this episode, Bluey doesn’t want to go to bed. She becomes jealous of the fruit bats she sees flying over her house: they get to stay up all night. Over time, her night time protestations morph into a whimsical dream where she gets to fly through the air, hang upside down, and eat fruit straight from the tree. In typical Bluey fashion, it’s as clever as it is sweet. It’s also perfect for Earth Day because it highlights a very important but misunderstood creature: the bat. Did you know that fruit bats are important pollinators and responsible for 98% of the reforestation of the world’s rain forests? We need them!

“The Beach” | Season 1, Episode 26


In this episode, the whole family has headed to the beach for a day of fun in the sun. When Chilli goes off for a walk, Bluey wants to join her, but is a little nervous when she sees how far away she is. Bandit encourages her to head after her mum, and assures her that he’ll be keeping an eye on her from where he is. Emboldened, Bluey heads down the beach, encountering some exciting beach wildlife on this big solo adventure.

“The Creek” | Season 1, Episode 29


Bandit has taken Bingo, Bluey, and Mackenzie to the local playground, but when the kids grow weary of the equipment, he takes them on an adventure to the creek he used to visit as a child. Bluey isn’t so sure about the creek: it’s a bit unfamiliar and intimidating. But it isn’t long before she and everyone else appreciate the beauty of this wild place and find joy in just “mucking about.” Before long, Bluey has a wildlife encounter she won’t soon forget.

“Flat Pack” | Season 2, Episode 21


In this cerebral, tear-jerking episode, Bluey and Bingo inadvertently re-create the story of life on Earth and evolution through their play. After coming home from an Ikea-like furniture store, Bandit and Chilli set to the task of building a porch swing. Bingo and Bluey play with the discarded packaging, pretending to be fish, frogs, lizards, dinosaurs, birds, small mammals, monkeys, cavedogs, and, finally, members of advanced civilization. All the while, Bluey plays the role of the mom while Bingo grows older and older, from a baby to a teenager, to a grown-up. By the time the swing is built, Bluey is not pretending to be an elderly woman who bids farewell to Bingo, now grown up who is off to explore space. It’s a beautiful meditation on the life cycle but is also an excellent introduction to evolutionary biology for the preschool set!

“Slide” | Season 3, Episode 46


When Bandit brings home a water slide to play with in the lawn, Bingo and her best friend Lila soon find that all manner of insects gathering on their game. Determined not to harm the little creatures, the develop a system of observing and saving the bugs all while continuing to have a great time. This is not only a perfect Earth Day episodes, since it too has a message of protecting the natural world, but is a sort of prologue to “The Sign” (see if you can spot it).

Happy Earth Day, everybody!