Is That What I Think It Is?

The New Bluey Episode “Ghostbasket” Has The Grannies & A Cliffhanger

We need to talk about that final shot!

Note: Spoilers for the new Bluey episode “Ghostbasket” are ahead!

For months, Bluey fans of all ages were delighted to be able to watch “Ghostbasket,” the first of two new episodes set to come out this month. But by the end of the episode, social media was in a panic about what’s going to happen to Bluey and her family. Who knew a family of cartoon dogs could instill this much emotion! (Well, Bluey fans already knew: that’s just how the show rolls.) Here’s what happened and what we need to know moving forward.

“The Grannies” returned in this hilarious new adventure.

Yes, Rita and Janet are up to their usual hijinks and, as usual, they never disappoint. The episode opens with Bandit as “Hugo,” determined to sell a house. “Monique” (Chilli) has come by to take a look. But as Bandit opens the door, Bluey and Bingo as Janet and Rita rush the entrance angrily before he slams it shut.

Apparently Rita and Janet’s kids are sending them to live in a nursing home and the house — which they say they’ve lived in for 50 years but Bandit reminds them they won it in a raffle last April — must be sold.

As “Hugo” takes “Monique” through each of the rooms, the Grannies attempt to sabotage the viewing. But “Monique” remains undaunted — she wants to buy the house. That’s when the Grannies hatch a plan: Ghostbasket comes to visit. Ghostbasket (aka Bingo hiding under a laundry basket and wandering through the house like a turtle making spooky souinds) has scared away potential buyers for six weeks now, but “Monique” quickly sees through the ruse and the Grannies are kicked out to walk to the old folks home.

But in a moment os sympathy, “Hugo” hatches a plan. While “Monique” lies out in the backyard, he disguises himself as “Ghost Wheelbarrow.” “Monique” dismisses this as yet another attempt by the Grannies to chase her away, but when Rita and Janet walk up to her, she panics and runs from the house.

The episode ends with Chilli running out the front door and Bandit telling the girls “I can’t do this every time.” That’s when we see it: a “For Sale” sign in front of the Heeler’s iconic home.

Bluey stars Melanie Zanetti and Dave McCormack were thrown for a loop.

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Romper recently had the opportunity to speak with the actors by Zoom. Zanetti, who voices Chilli in the series, said that the final shot of “Ghostbasket” made her “borderline distressed.” This was made especially tough since the script for the follow-up episode “The Sign” arrived in two parts.

“We got one half and then the other half, so we had a cliffhanger!” she exclaims.

“Yeah, we didn’t know what was going on,” agreed McCormack, before joking, “It was traumatic, but a little bit exciting.”

“I was having a rollercoaster of emotions,” Zanetti continued. “So I’m excited that the audience is going to go on said rollercoaster, but in a shorter timeframe.”

The story will continue with “The Sign.”

Indeed, even though international audiences normally have to wait a few months for new Bluey episodes after they air in Australia, “Ghostbasket” and “The Sign” will be available to everyone on the same dates: April 7 and April 14 respectively. So we’ll only have to wait a week to see what happens. Whew!

You can stream Bluey’s new episode “Ghostbacket” on Disney+ now.