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ATTN: A Bluey Album Is Coming Out On Vinyl, CD, & Spotify

(Admit it: you’ve been humming these songs for a while anyway.)

Children and adults alike love anything and everything about Bluey. The adorable character design, the amazing voiceover work, and, of course, the charming and incredibly relatable humor that permeates every scene. These talking cartoon dogs really capture the spirit of modern family life! Of course, those scenes would not be complete without the music, and of course, even the music is great on this show. As such, parents, caregivers, and kids will be pleased to know that you can now listen to that music any time you like when Bluey: The Album comes out on Oct. 1.

Available on CD, vinyl (blue vinyl, because obviously!), and streaming, the album features 17 original tracks from series composer Joff Bush, who seamlessly incorporates classical music, ska, folk, and more for a truly unique sound. Based on music featured in the show, all compositions have been reworked into full tracks for the album. Highlights include music from fan-favorite episodes, including Here Come the Grannies!, Pool (OMG, you guys, we are all Bandit in the pool episode!) and The Creek.

It also includes one of our favorite episodes, Keepy Uppy. Check out this exclusive peek at the track from the album below.

Bluey: The Album has already debuted in its native Australia, where it was the first children’s album to take the number one spot on the Australia Recording Industry Association (ARIA) chart. Like the show, the music on Bluey: The Album is technically for kids, but it’s something we grown-ups can enjoy, too. And, considering the fact that our entertainment choices these days are pretty much entirely dictated by our children (because, you know, our favs aren’t necessarily child-friendly) parent-friendly kids’ entertainment is always, always welcome.

Pre-orders of Bluey: The Album on vinyl and CD and Digital are now available.