I'm Here For The Commercials

Give Bradley Cooper’s Mom Her Own Oscar Please

She gets the Academy Award for absolutely owning her son.

There are few things I love more than a belly laugh with my mom and apparently I’m in good company. In a hilarious and adorable T-Mobile commercial (er, “attempted” commercial) during Super Bowl 57, Bradley Cooper and his mom pretty much laughed hysterically as they tried to say the commercial lines, and as Cooper’s mom teased him for many things, including not winning any of his Academy Award nominations. And also looking like a flamingo.

Let’s back up: at the beginning of the T-Mobile commercial, which aired during the first half of Super Bowl 57, a pop-up claimed that the creative minds at T-Mobile tried to film a commercial about their 5G capabilities with Bradley Cooper and his mom Gloria Campano, but the results were... not great. We are then treated to a bunch of takes of the two of them attempting to do a T-Mobile commercial with Cooper as a T-Mobile rep and Campano as a customer. They crack each other up over and over, with Campano telling her son that he looks like a flamingo in his pink shirt, and that she “doesn’t like” the way he looks as soon as he starts saying one of his lines. She laughs so much, she tells Cooper that he’s making her crazy, and then accuses him of looking like a clam.

It’s the exact kind of back-and-forth, firing off jokes and barbs that you’d expect out of a close-knit relationship like Cooper and his mom. But my favorite has to be when Cooper tells her that he knows what he’s doing, he’s been nominated nine times for an Academy Award.

“Yeah, but you never won any,” she shoots back.

I mean, damn. Zing. Give this woman her own Oscar please.

The commercial sweetly ends with their arms around each other. I have no idea if the commercial was truly supposed to be some kind of T-Mobile commercial with them each playing a character or if they just wanted to see what their dynamic would bring to the screen, but I’m obsessed. And now I want my own pink shirt.