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Brooke Shields Has Matching Tattoos With Both Of Her Daughters & They're Very Sweet

“When your daughter wants to be branded with you, you just say yes.”

Brooke Shields’ 18-year-old daughter Grier Henchy is heading off to college in the fall, making the mom of two an empty nester in mere months. While it’s always a difficult time for moms, Shields decided to commemorate the occasion in a positive way — by getting matching tattoos with her daughter.

The actress spoke to Entertainment Tonight at a Wednesday screening of her new Netflix movie Mother of the Bride about her daughter Grier, who she shares with husband Chris Henchy along with the couple’s 20-year-old daughter Rowan, leaving for college. “I’m not quite in denial but, definitely, I’m going to be a mess,” Shields admitted. “I really am going to be a mess.”

She went on to add, “But I know that they're going to come back. I mean, my older daughter comes back often and, you know, they’ll be my babies forever.”

They’ll also both be her tattoo twins forever. Shields explained that she and Rowan had gotten matching ladybug tattoos on their wrists when she went off to college, and Grier chose to get matching tattoos with her mom as well. “This is the tattoo that I got with my younger daughter, who asked me to do this on her 18th birthday,” the proud mom explained to Entertainment Tonight, showing off her new ink on her forearm. “She used to wear my high heels all the time. When your daughter wants to be branded with you, you just say yes.”

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Life is truly imitating art for Shields with her new role as Lana, a mother who finds out her daughter (played by Miranda Cosgrove) is set to marry the son of her former flame, in Netflix’s Mother of the Bride, which premiered on May 9. Not because her daughters are getting married, but because Lana, like Shields, is learning how it feels to see your kids leave. “Lana knows enough that she doesn’t want to get shut out, so she has to pivot if she still wants to be in her daughter’s life and be a part of it,” Shields told The Zoe Report. “You learn that as a mom, because you can put such an iron fist down that you’re left out of all of it. Once they start leaving you, it’s the worst feeling in the world.”

A feeling helped in no small part to real joy in a career that Shields told The Zoe Report seems to keep coming in waves. “The strange thing to me is that right when I start to think, ‘Oh, I’ll disappear,’ another wave comes. That just seems to be my trajectory.”

And, of course, she can always look down at her tattoos. And know that her daughters are out there in the world looking at the same tattoos.