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Celeste Barber’s Husband & Kids Are Great Sources Of Comedy

Especially Hot Husband.

If you have not yet been introduced to Australian performer Celeste Barber, you are in for a treat. The comedian has a new series on Netflix called Wellmania and an upcoming comedy, titled Fine. Thanks. She also has a very lucky husband and children who already know all about how hilarious she can be. Here’s what else you need to know about comedian’s loving family.

She met her “Maori Adonis” husband 20 years ago.

In 2016, Barber wrote about the moment she met her “Maori Adonis” husband, Api Robin. “13 years ago when he was wearing head-to-toe cheese cloth, and had dreadlocks down to his far-too-fantastic bum,” she wrote for Australia’s Daily Life.

The pair were married in 2013 after 10 years together, and Barber was still gushing about her “hot husband” in 2020. “He’s the most fantastic human being in the whole land. I’m just obsessed with him,” she told Australian Women's Weekly in 2020. How does he feel about being referred to as her “hot husband?” According to Barber, “He takes it all in his stride and he’s really supportive and excited by how well I’m doing because he knows what I do really makes up who I am. He just gets on with it.”

He is often featured in her hilarious Instagram moments.

Barber’s husband does more than simply “get on with” her work, he dives right in. To the point where his name on Instagram is “Hot Husband” and he is frequently featured in her Instagram #challengeaccepted videos, where she takes highly posed photo shoots and recreates them. These posts have helped her wrack up a whopping 9.5 million followers on Instagram, and her husband seems to be all for it.

He’s apparently very fond of Uber drivers.

In a clip from her new Netflix comedy special, Fine. Thanks, Barber opened up about her husband’s tendency to be super friendly. “His favorite place in the world is the front seat of an Uber,” she explained in the clip. Despite being, as she explained it “non verbal” in their relationship, he’s always good to have a chat with total strangers. Sound familiar?

She’s a stepmom to two adult daughters.

When Barber and Robin married in 2013, she became stepmom to his two daughters, 22-year-old Kayha and 20-year-old Sahra. The couple made a real effort to include his daughters in a special way by including them in her vows. “I thanked them for making space for me because I really feel like they did, which I appreciate,” Barber told New Idea. The relationship has stayed close since then. “It’s nice. The girls are so supportive,” Barber said. “They came to my show in Sydney and they were both crying. They were like, ‘We are so proud.’ It was amazing.”

They welcomed son Lou in 2013.

The couple welcomed their oldest son Lou in 2013, and now that he’s getting older he has some opinions about some of the work his mom does on Instagram. When asked how her kids feel about her fame, she told Now To Love, “They just think I’m funny. I mean it’s weird when I talk around in heels and a bikini about to take a photo. My 9-year-old son’s like, ‘Isn’t that.. is that inappropriate?’ and I say ‘Probably darling, but it’s paying off this house.’”

Their youngest son Buddy arrived in 2015.

The couple completed their family with youngest son Buddy in 2015, and Barber shared an anecdote recently about what it was like leaving her youngest with her husband while she traveled for work. “I’ve been traveling a lot and away from my kids a lot, which is really hard... for them. When I left he had this beautiful thick hair, like Aussie surfer-boy, sun-kissed hair and had all of his teeth. And then I left, and when I returned two weeks later, my husband had shaved his head and he’d lost his two front teeth.” Her advice? “Don’t leave your husband with your kids.”

I don’t think she means it. We’ll have to ask Hot Husband.