Super Bowl Cetaphil commercial

This Might Be The Sweetest Super Bowl Commercial Of The Night

I’m crying and I bet you are, too.

I have three daughters and a football-obsessed husband, which means the Cetaphil Taylor Swift dads and daughters Super Bowl commercial was 100% designed to make me sob into my wings. Whether you have daughters or not, the commercial, airing during Super Bowl LVIII as the Kansas City Chiefs faced off against the San Francisco 49ers, was a major sweet moment. Capitalizing on the way dads and daughters have bonded over this past NFL season, the Cetaphil commercial features a daughter and dad who are having a little trouble connecting until a certain pop star makes her way to the telecast.

And in true Taylor Swift fashion, there are a few Swiftie surprise Easter eggs throughought the television spot, including the number 13 and lots of friendship bracelets.

The thing I love most about this Cetaphil Super Bowl commercial is how it takes a hot topic over the last year — Taylor Swift “infiltrating” the NFL — and makes it incredibly sweet and positive. So many hot takes have been written over the past five months about how the girls in our lives are watching grown men complain about Taylor Swift being a joyful NFL spectator, and it’s really refreshing to see a major brand like Cetaphil take a stance. Not only does the commercial show the daughter connecting with her dad over one of his interests, it also shows him branching and not only getting her a jersey, but getting her one with Taylor Swift’s good luck number on it. And when they sit down on the couch and she (shock!) puts down her phone and the camera reveals that Dad is wearing friendship bracelets, too? Water works. Pure water works.

The Cetaphil Super Bowl commercial reminds everyone of the connecting power of sports, and what can happen when we just take a beat to meet someone in the middle.