Chrissy Teigen tried to have a sexy photo shoot but her son Miles interrupted.
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Chrissy Teigen’s Son Hilariously Crashed Her “Thirsty” Photo Shoot

In a Lightning McQueen shirt, no less.

Moms can be sexy, we know this to be true. A little photo shoot every now and then, a little dress up (or dress down, depending) is good for self esteem. If you can keep your toddler out of your photo shoot, that is. That’s not how it unfolded for Chrissy Teigen, who tried to take a “thirsty” photo, but was interrupted by her son Miles wearing a Lightning McQueen sweatshirt.

The Cravings cookbook author took to Instagram on Tuesday to post a “thirsty” photo, wearing high-waisted underwear, stilettos and about a thousand bangles on her wrists with no top. It was “thirsty” if you didn’t look down below her waist, where her 2-year-old son Miles was peeking out from in between her legs wearing a Lightning McQueen sweatshirt and track pants, smiling like it was all about him. I mean, the little 2-year-old is very adorable but this wasn’t really supposed to be his photo shoot, right?

“Please move, mommy is trying to be thirsty,” Teigen captioned the photo on Instagram.

Chrissy Teigen’s son Miles interrupted her “thirsty” photo shoot.

Teigen’s social media followers were a little too supportive of Miles hijacking his mom’s photo shoot, if you ask me, writing messages like, “Miles! The legend,” and “Loooooove esp somehow the Lightning McQueen shirt, it just makes it.”

Personally, I think the busy mom of two deserved a little time to feel sexy. Maybe recharge a little, get back in touch with herself. Although to be honest, perhaps she was not terribly surprised by Miles’ invasion of her personal space. Last February, she shared a video of herself trying to do some yoga at home. It was not to be, unfortunately, as Miles climbed his mom like a tree during her practice. She was awfully patient with him, stopping her yoga practice to cuddle her little boy. Just as she was patient this time around, smiling down at him with pride as he peeked through her legs.

I guess Chrissy Teigen will have plenty of time for thirsty posts, but her little boy is getting bigger all the time. Why not just go with it? Also he has to sleep some time, right?