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Parents Think We Finally “Broke” CoComelon Because The Languages Keep Switching

¿Qué pasa, Netflix?

by Kaitlin Kimont
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If you’ve been wondering if JJ, Cody, and Tom Tom have been sneaking in a few Duolingo lessons in their free time, you’re not alone. Several parents have noticed while watching CoComelon on Netflix that the language is not matching their preferred selection. Sometimes the kids are singing “Head Shoulder Knees and Toes” in Portuguese, other times the audio is randomly swapping from English to Arabic or French. So what’s happening? Is Netflix on a secret mission to make our children polyglots?

There are currently eight seasons on CoComelon on Netflix, meaning there are hours and hours of content to stream and dozens of nursery rhymes for your toddler to sing along to whenever they desire. In recent weeks, however, several parents have shared that they’ve experienced issues with their preferred language settings while streaming episodes of CoComelon on Netflix.

One mom wrote on X, formerly Twitter, that CoComelon was playing in Portuguese. “I don’t know how/why this is happening, but every time I put Cocomelon now, [it’s] in portuguese,” @Pilarhdezlopez tweeted on Sept. 16. “Funny thing, the language isn’t even between the options. Is this because my kid [has] watched the show so many times that you thought we would be bored of seeing the exact same?”

Many parents have said that they experienced the audio playing in Arabic, Spanish, and French, despite their settings being set in English.

Another parent joked that they’ve may have caused the whole operation to break. “I think we finally broke Cocomelon.” @peazancarrotz tweeted on Sept. 28. “We’ve played it so many times on Netflix that now some episodes will randomly sing to us in Spanish, French, or Chinese, even though settings are still set to English. Maybe it’s a globalist tactic?”

Parents have also started a Reddit thread to try and sort out the issue. “The text has been in French or Portuguese with English audio, and sometimes the text will be English but the audio and singing in Spanish or Portuguese,” one parent shared. “Is this happening to anyone else? I assume this is a problem on Netflix’s end?” One parent on Reddit said that picking a different season seemed to resolve the issue for them, but others said they were still finding the glitch throughout several episodes.

A spokesperson for Netflix tells Romper the issue is affecting a “limited” number of titles and they’re working to resolve the issue. “We’ve heard that some members are hearing a different language than their preferred one on a very limited set of titles,” Netflix said. “We’re sorry for this inconvenience and are working to fix this as soon as possible.”

While Netflix works on the glitch, if you are looking for bilingual content from JJ’s buddies, you’re in luck. CoComelon’s first bilingual series Nina’s Familia premieres on YouTube on Sept. 30 and is formatted in the same style as CoComelon with three-minute songs and nursery rhymes. Nina’s Familia will feature some episodes fully in Spanish and tells the story of a multigenerational Mexican-American family.

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