Colton Underwood and his husband Jordan C. Brown
Amber McKee (Courtesy of Colton Underwood)

Colton Underwood Announced He's Expecting A Baby Boy With Husband Jordan C. Brown

“This entire journey has been a rollercoaster of emotions – humbling, exciting, and truly eye-opening.”

Colton Underwood is going to be a dad for the first time. The former Bachelor star shared that he and husband Jordan C. Brown are expecting a baby, and they’re so excited about this “incredible” experience.

Underwood and Brown, who celebrated their first anniversary earlier this month, have been planning to become parents for some time, a journey he has shared on his Daddyhood podcast. “It was one of the things that bonded us early on. We both wanted to be dads. I was very vocal on that,” Underwood told People in February. “It’s a traditional sort of part of my life that I really wanted to hold onto — I wanted to have a family. And just figuring out next steps and stages was sort of a mystery to us until it wasn’t. I realized early on, nobody talks about this. There’s no resources, there’s no books, there’s no guide. You sort of get tossed into the fire.”

At the time, Underwood and Brown had some embryos frozen and were undergoing testing with their potential surrogate, which appears to have gone well since they are now expecting their first baby together via surrogate, due in October. And they already know their baby is a boy.

“This entire journey has been a rollercoaster of emotions — humbling, exciting, and truly eye-opening,” Underwood said in a statement shared with Romper. “I couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome our baby boy and really get to embrace ‘Daddyhood’ in a whole new way. Jordan and I are looking forward to all the little moments — like holding, feeding, and changing him. But above all, we’re most excited to show him just how loved he already is.”

Underwood and Brown are also incredibly appreciative of their surrogate, whose identity they have chosen to keep private. “We’re very protective over her. We’ve been to every single doctor’s appointment. Her family’s come over to the house for dinner. She’s an incredible human being,” Underwood told Men’s Health in a new feature. “Family building isn’t always black and white, so knowing that there’s a percentage of loss and knowing that there’s a percentage of complications that can happen is scary.”

Despite this fear, Underwood and Brown are both moving towards becoming dads in their own ways. The former NFL player shared that his husband is focused on reading “all the baby books,” while he is ordering clothes with their baby boy’s name on them. “I’ve ordered things with his name on it already, and I’m hiding them in boxes,” Underwood told People. “Jordan is referring to him as Baby B [because] we are not calling him by his name yet, which I get, but it’s just made for a fun interaction between us.”

They have many fun interactions to come as their journey to fatherhood continues.