All The Songs From Disney's Encanto Soundtrack Ranked

We’ve been listening non-stop for months, so we’ve thought about it a lot...


When we heard Lin-Manuel Miranda was doing the songs for Encanto, we knew it would be amazing. Here's all of our favorite songs from the Encanto soundtrack ranked.

#8. “All Of You”

For this song to be in the last spot really speaks to the fact that absolutely every track on the Encanto soundtrack is a banger.


#7. “Colombia, Mi Encanto”

Played over the final sequence and credits, this song captures the lively, soulful spirit of the whole movie.

#6.“The Family Madrigal”

Miranda wrote this song to prove that one could successfully introduce a large cast of memorable characters in one song. (Mission accomplished.)

#5. “What Else Can I Do?”

In addition to great lyrics (“a hurricane of jacarandas”), this song sends the awesome message that perfection is boring.


#4. “Dos Oruguitas”

This gorgeous Spanish language song accompanies Abuela Alma's flashback and tells the story of caterpillars who become butterflies and drift apart.

#3. “Waiting On A Miracle”

This song is the crack in Mirabel’s cheerful exterior. It’s beautiful and heartbreaking.


#2. “Surface Pressure”

Luisa’s confessional outburst has become an anthem for overworked moms everywhere.

#1. “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”

Frankly, it would have been irresponsible to put anything else in the #1 spot.

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