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25 Of The Best Dog Movies & Shows For Kids To Watch

Warning: If your kid is already bugging you for a puppy, this will only make matters worse.

Name something cuter than a kid and a dog. Trick question! You can’t do it! It’s impossible. Dogs and kids just go together: dogs love kids and the feeling is mutual. So, naturally, children love watching “man’s best friend” whenever they can. But what kind of canine entertainment is out there? We’ve picked 25 of the best dog movies and shows for kids, because, honestly, we’re doing everything we can to nurture this special bond between kids and pups.

While we can promise that your kid will be entertained by all this fluffy puppy goodness, we feel we must warn you that if you're currently getting harangued for a puppy, well, this is probably only going to make that worse. (But, let's be honest: kids have been harassing their parents to get them a dog since about 12 minutes after the first wolf was domesticated. So you can't really blame that on the movies...)

From documentaries to cartoons, adventures to cozy romps, there's lots of different doggy stories out there. Your little one will laugh, learn, and, yes, sometimes cry (because dogs and tearjerker movies go together almost as well as dogs and children) with these dog movies and shows for kids.


A clever and adorable Jack Russel terrier named Wishbone images himself as characters from classic literature that, strangely, always seem to parallel things happening in his real life. So much fun your kids won’t even realize they’re learning about themes in Charles Dickens’ novels!

Stream Wishbone, rated TV-G, on YouTube

Hotel for Dogs


Siblings Andi and Bruce have a problem: not only have they been put into a new foster home, but the home will not accept their dog, Friday. But when they stumble across an abandoned hotel, they turn it into a stray pooch paradise! But as more and more dogs call the hotel home, the neighbors begin got become suspicious...

Watch Hotel for Dogs, rated PG, on Netflix

Lady and the Tramp


Lady is a pampered cocker spaniel living in a comfortable Victorian mansion with her beloved Jim Dear and Darling. But when a new baby comes along, she finds herself (despite her best intentions) running from the dog catcher with Tramp, a scrappy stray.

Watch Lady and the Tramp, rated G, on Disney+

Pup Star


An adorable Yorkie named Tiny decides to pursue her dream and enter a televised singing competition (because in this cinematic universe, dogs can talk!)... but a mean dog pound owner has other plans!

If your child enjoys this movie, there are more to enjoy in the series.

Watch the Pup Star movies, rated G, on Netflix



When a deadly diphtheria epidemic strikes Nome, Alaska, the citizen’s only hope is medicine hundreds of miles away. When the sled team tasked with retrieving the medicine is lost in a snowstorm it’s up to Balto the half-wolf save the day.

Watch Balto, rated G, on Peacock

Pup Academy


This series follows the adventures of the students at a secret academy for puppies, run by an eccentric man named Charlie (with the help of his young grandson, Morgan). There the adorable pups learn how to become loving, loyal pets and strengthen the bonds between humans and canines.

Watch Pup Academy, rated TV-Y, on Netflix



Bolt is a superstar dog... only he doesn’t know it! He thinks his cinematic adventures are all real life, including his incredible superpowers. But when he finds himself away from the studio and on the streets of New York, he’s going to have to find the inner power to make it home.

Watch Bolt, rated PG, on Disney+

Wallace and Gromit

Amazon Video

Eccentric inventor Wallace and his lovable, somewhat cynical dog, Gromit, live together and have wacky, whimsical adventures (and misadventures) in their quiet home in Wigan.

Watch Wallace and Gromit, rated TV-G, on Amazon Prime

Pet Stars


This charming reality series follows the animal talent management company Pets on Q. Employees Melissa and Colleen collaborate with companies and all kinds of famous pets – from ugly dogs with thousands of Instagram followers to talkative parrots hungry for the spotlight – and always seem to be having a good time.

Watch Pet Stars, rated TV-PG, on Netflix

Superpower Dogs


Narrated by none other than Chris Evans (aka Captain America himself!), this documentary follows six working dogs and their partners. But these aren’t ordinary pups: these are superhero dogs who protect endangered species, rescue people from natural disasters, and help their human friends with special needs.

Watch Superpower Dogs, rated G, on Hulu

Chip and Potato


Chip is an adorable pug, and she’s learning lots of new things: the ins and outs of kindergarten, getting a new sibling, and all kinds of similarly small-but-important adventures. So sometimes needs a confidence boost from her friend, a mouse named Potato who secretly lives in her pocket.

Watch Chip and Potato, rated TV-Y, on Netflix

Adoption Day


This series from The Dodo follows the stories of different dogs as they go to live with their forever families.

Watch Adoption Day, rated TV-G, on Hulu

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey


The Seavers aren’t going away forever: just on a family vacation to San Francisco. But when their dogs Chance and Shadow, and cat Sassy are dropped off at a friend’s ranch, they waste no time in heading home on an incredible (and dangerous!) cross country adventure!

Watch Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey, rated G, on Disney+

Snoopy Come Home


When Charlie Brown's beloved beagle receives a letter from his original owner, Lila, Snoopy rushes to her side at the hospital where she’s been staying. When she recovers, Snoopy must make a choice: go live with Lila or stay with that blockhead Charlie Brown...

Watch Snoopy Come Home, rated TV-G, on Hulu

101 Dalmations


When Anita and Roger’s Dalmations have a whopping 15 new puppies, Anita’s boss, the devious and eccentric Cruella DeVil will stop at nothing to capture them and turn them into her latest fashion design!

Watch 101 Dalmations, rated G, on Disney+

The Fox and the Hound


You couldn’t find an odder pair than a fox and a hound dog, but Tod and Copper are the best of friends. As they grow older, however, forces beyond their control attempt to drive them apart. Can they overcome their differences and save their special friendship?

Watch The Fox and the Hound, rated G, on Disney+

Paw Patrol


Ryder is a young boy who leads a team of search and rescue dogs, known as the PAW Patrol, who protect the town of Adventure Bay. Each has a set of special skills (and a super cool pupmobile) to help them serve the community... and learn some valuable lessons about teamwork and friendship along the way.

Watch Paw Patrol, rated TV-Y, on Paramount+



Is Up strictly speak a movie about dogs? No. But dogs play a pivotal role in Carl and Russell’s South American adventure.... and golden retriever Dug (who, along with his comrades, can talk thanks to a special collar) is just the goodest boy.

Watch Up, rated PG, on Disney+

Dogs with Jobs

Amazon Video

For thousands of years, dogs have helped humans in their day to day lives, not only as steadfast companions but as hard workers. This series tells the stories of dogs who have gone above and beyond to serve and protect their human partners.

Watch Dogs with Jobs, rated TV-G, on Amazon Prime

Because of Winn-Dixie


10-year-old Opal was abandoned by her mother, and has moved to Florida to live with her father. Lonely and sad, she finds a friendly dog that she names Winn-Dixie. Through her friendship with the pup, she finds herself more willing to open up to human friends, too.

Watch Because of Winn-Dixie, rated PG, on Disney+

Air Bud

Amazon Video

Teenage Josh has recently lost his father, and his mom has moved the family to a new state. But when he finds a stray golden retriever, who just so happens to be amazing at basketball! Things are starting to look up for Josh... until the dog’s mean former owner comes looking for him!

Watch Air Bud, rated PG, on Amazon Video

The Buddies Movies


Air Bud was so popular that the film spawned a franchise of Buddies movies that follow the adventures of Bud’s five puppies! More cartoonish than the original film, the Buddies talk to one another (even if the humans in the film don’t understand them) and go on adventures in space, Egypt, in a haunted house, and more!

Watch the Buddies movies, all rated G, on Disney+

White Fang


Based on the novel by Jack London, White Fang is the story of Alaskan gold-rush hopeful Jack Conroy. Jack befriends the beautiful, but mistreated wolf/husky hybrid White Fang. After nursing the dog back to health, Jack and White Fang set off in search of riches and adventure!

Watch White Fang, rated PG, on Disney+

Blues Clues


Blues Clues ushered in a new era of interactive TV for ‘90s babies all over America. Every episode, Blue gives her owner Steve clues (indicated by a paw print) about what she wants to do that day. It’s up to Steve (and friends at home) to figure out what Blue’s clues are trying to tell us!

Watch Blues Clues, rated TV-Y, on Paramount+

Clifford’s Puppy Days

Amazon Video

Before he was a Big Red Dog, Clifford was the tiniest puppy of them all. This series follows his adventures as a small dog, and the big lessons he learns along the way.

Watch Clifford’s Puppy Days, rated TV-Y, on Amazon Prime