Drew Barrymore shared an adorable throwback video proving she's always kept it real.
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Drew Barrymore Proves She's Always Been Relatable In This Adorable Throwback Video

Honestly, who doesn’t want to be in their thermies running around a hotel?

Drew Barrymore is a delight, and she tops the list of mega Hollywood stars who keep things refreshingly real. Just recently, The Drew Barrymore Show host shared a video from when she was a child and proved once again just how relatable the actress has always been.

“Some things never change… #tbt,” Barrymore captioned the video posted to Instagram today. In the video, a young Barrymore is wearing the frilliest white polka dot dress with a matching bow in her hair during a talkshow appearance.

She starts off saying, “I love New York!” Then explaining, “Well, I mean, it’s my place. I mean, I don’t like to go. I mean, I’m not a person really… I mean, I love LA.” The audience starts laughing because how can you not? She is so cute!

“But, I don’t like to dress up in bikinis and go to the beach,” she goes on to explain in the throwback video. “I like to dress up warm and be in my thermies and go run around the hotel!” she says decisively. The confidence is just outstanding. She knows what she wants (her “thermies”), she’s not afraid to break from LA bikini culture, she’s confident in herself — and she doesn’t care who knows it!

Barrymore’s ex-husband, Will Kopelman, whom she shares daughters Olive, 9, and Frankie, 8, commented on the post, writing, “This is both Olive and Frankie all at once.” Fans left comments as well, with many people saying, “I love this.” One person commented, “Same! Winter in NYC is way more my jam than Winter in L.A.” Others couldn’t get over how much little Barrymore is just like adult Barrymore. “How have you not changed at all!!!???” one person wrote. “Adorable then — beautiful and adorable still.”

Yesterday, The Drew Barrymore Show posted a video of the talk show host getting stuck in her wig after filming. “The power and transformation of beauty is really quite something, isn’t it?” Barrymore said in the video. She’s sitting at a makeup desk, taking out bobby pins and trying to pull the wig off her head. “I can’t get out of this wig!” she says throughout the clip.

After struggling, Barrymore comments on how well it’s in place. “I could run a marathon in this wig,” she added, before laughing. “Who am I kidding? I’m not running any marathons. It’s a shock if I can get out of this chair.”

She’s still so funny — and so over trying to fit into a perfect Hollywood mold. Watching Barrymore on TV feels so genuine, like she could be your best friend in real life and it would be exactly the same. Let’s put on some warm thermies later in honor of this queen!