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Take An Exclusive Peek The New Season Of Polly Pocket Coming To Netflix

Spoiler alert: A dog named Peaches goes viral!

It’s an exciting time for new shows and new seasons of new shows, and this one hits a particularly perfect nostalgic ‘90s nerve with an updated twist. Ahead of its premiere this week, Netflix has shared an exclusive clip from Polly Pocket:Rainbow Funland Adventures Season 3 with Romper that features a Polly, her dog Peaches, and a fun 2021 twist.

In this exclusive clip from Season 3, we see Polly Pocket, the magical heroine with shrinking powers gleaned from a special locket, find herself going viral. Well, she’s not going viral alone. It seems her sweet dog Peaches was caught on video having a swim, and if you’ve ever seen a dog swimming you know this is just about the cutest thing in the world. It’s apparently the cutest thing in Polly Pocket’s world too, because people just can’t get enough of her little pooch Peaches swimming around. And Polly needs to figure out how to navigate the world of viral videos, a problem some of us only dream of having. Well, that and shrinking powers. Some of us wouldn’t mind those either.

Watch Romper’s exclusive clip below.

‘Polly Pocket’ goes viral in cute new clip from third season.

Polly Pocket Season 3: Rainbow Funland Adventures drops on Sept. 29 on Netflix with 13 brand new episodes, and of course the first two seasons are also available to watch on the streaming service if you need a bit of a catch up. Additional episodes will be added to the new season on Jan. 9, 2022.

This time around, Polly and her friends get the chance to explore outside of their tiny world of Littleton and go on some exciting new adventures. Rainbow Funland Adventures, to be exact. Polly and her pals all set off to visit the magical theme park, and naturally we can expect cute hijinks to abound alongside some valuable life lessons to be taught. And don’t forget all of the cute animals who will be joining her for some fun adventures. Animals like Peaches, who will be interesting to watch after going viral. Will the added attention get to the dog’s head? We will have to wait and see.