Ginger Zee had a great response to a critic of working moms.
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Ginger Zee Had A Perfect Response After A Troll Asked Her "Who's Raising Your Kids?"

“Everyone’s village looks different.”

ABC meteorologist Ginger Zee has no time for people who want to make comments about her as a working mom. In a new Instagram post, the mom of two called out a troll who asked her “Who’s raising your kids?” on a photo taken at work. And her response doesn’t just apply to her own situation, it was a beautiful defense of working moms everywhere.

Zee, who is mom to 6-year-old son Adrian and 4-year-old son Miles with husband Ben Aaron, explained in her Instagram post on Tuesday that she had shared a behind-the-scenes look at her job on Facebook. And one of the very first comments on her photo was “Who’s raising your kids?” Which justifiably set her off.

“I am with the help of my husband and our nanny. You don’t come from a home where both parents work? I do. And it was amazing,” she responded on the initial comment, and she didn’t stop there. As a working mom herself, Zee took the opportunity to remind her followers on social media that “everyone’s village looks different.”

“At this point, I welcome criticism, even of my parenting,” Zee wrote on Instagram. “I think it’s an important topic and I don’t take the responsibility lightly. That said, what’s ‘good’ for you would not be good for me. I hope other new parents can feel the support and understanding that comes with all different parenting structures. There is no right or wrong if love, support and guidance surrounds the child. I am so lucky to have grown up with a mom and dad that both worked but also loved me and raised me with the help of my grandma, babysitters and eventually my step parents. Everyone’s village looks different. The point is, it takes one and I’m lucky to have them.”

Moms are targeted all too often by people who want them to do something different. Stay home, work, it doesn’t seem to matter. So to have someone with Ginger Zee’s platform call out that injustice was fortifying for other moms who get it.

“I came from this and now get to experience how challenging and REWARDING it is in my own family. Solidarity with all the working parents finding balance,” wrote one social media user, while another added, “Well said, I appreciate my parents for all the hard work they did and still do. I love them so much for the sacrifice they made to make sure we had what we needed.”

The only right decision to make as a mom is the one that feels right to you. And working feels right to Ginger Zee.