Here’s When (& Where) You Can Watch Wish, Disney’s Next Animated Feature Film

The movie’s release comes as the company celebrates 100 years of animation.

With the Walt Disney Company is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, you know their 2023 animated feature had to be something really special. Enter Wish, a film that will finally answer the question “what happens when you wish upon a star?” It only took 100 years to find out, and Wish looks like it was absolutely worth the wait.

What is Wish about?

Wish tells the story of 17-year-old Asha (voiced by West Side Story Oscar winner Ariana DeBose), who lives in the magical world of Rosas with her pet goat Valentino (voiced by Dodgeball’s Alan Tudyk). Rosas is the kingdom of wishes, and one night Asha makes an impassioned plea to the sky only to discover that there really is a wishing star... a literal little creature named Star, who comes to Asha to help her save the kingdom of Rosas from the evil King Magnifico (voiced by Chris Pine). King Magnifico is intent on stealing the wishes of the people of Rosas, and Asha takes it upon herself to put a stop to his plan.

The trailer for Wish promises everything we hope for in a Disney movie.

The strong female lead! The enchanting fairy tale kingdom! The music! The charismatic-but-sinister villain! The deep-voiced baby goat! The precious little star creature! We’re sold.

DeBose says she’s excited to play Asha.

“She’s many, many things,” she told Deadline. “She’s so smart, she’s got a great sense of humor and she’s trying to take care of people she loves most in the world. She’s a leader and doesn’t realize it. She’s just living and doing and learning along the way. She doesn’t always get it right, which is the definition of being human.”

And, much like other animated Disney classics like Frozen, Encanto, and Tangled, DeBose told Deadline that fans can expect “a lot of singing” in Wish. “I think audiences can be excited about original songs, an original story,” she said. “It's all the Disney magic you know and love, but it looks like us, and that's really exciting.”

How can you watch Wish?

Wish is being released exclusively in theaters across the country on Nov. 22, 2023. There are no details as of yet as to when it will be available to stream on Disney+... but, that said, we do know that Encanto was also released in late November 2021 and was streaming on Disney+ by Christmas that year, so it might just be a Christmas Wish come true...

What a way to celebrate 100 years of movie magic.