Here's How To Watch The Gentle Animated Short Room On The Broom This Halloween

There’s always more room on the broom for friends.

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Witches aren’t all bad. Sure, sometimes they get a little spicy but then sometimes they do their best to give everyone a bit of space on their broom. Like the sweet witch in the British Halloween movie Room on the Broom, which you and your kids will want to watch together for the charm and the animation and of course, the message. There’s always room on the broom for one more. Here’s what you need to know to watch Room on the Broom in 2023.

Room on the Broom is based on Julia Donaldson’s beloved book.

Julia Donaldson, the wonderful British children’s writer who gave us The Gruffalo, wrote Room on the Broom in 2001. The story follows a kind witch and her sweet cat who fly around in the sky, inviting other creatures onto their broomstick for a ride. They eventually befriend a dog, a bird, and a bullfrog and bring them along on their broom, because as the book notes, there’s Room on the Broom for them.

An all-star cast brought Room on the Broom to life on film in 2013.

In 2013, a short animated film version of Room on the Broom was released with an all-star cast at the helm, with a tiny twist. In the film version, the witch’s cat gets a bit jealous of the other animals she is inviting on to their broom and the two need to figure out how best to move forward. Especially once the dog they’ve invited along to fly over the mountains and lakes wants to join them on their adventures long-term.

Simon Pegg was the voice of the narrator while Gillian Anderson of The X Files was the voice of the witch herself. while Rob Brydon voices the hilariously suspicious cat. Sally Hawkins, Martin Clunes, and Timothy Spall also voiced some of the other characters for the charming adaptation, which was nominated for the 2014 Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film.

How can you watch Room on the Broom?

Room on the Broom is available to rent for $2.99 or buy for $6.99 on YouTube, Apple TV+, and Vudu. but it is not currently available to stream for free on any platforms in the United States.

It could well be worth the price to rent, despite the fact that the film is just 30 minutes long. As one parent noted in a review on Common Sense Media, “the witch's willingness to take on extra animals on the broom demonstrates the importance of generosity and selflessness, even though it would be easier for her to just keep the cat as her only pet.” Plus, it’s just a really gentle little film to watch for Halloween.

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